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How To Connect IStartek VT600 GPS Tracker With Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor?

When talked about Ultrasonic fuel sensor installation and data calculation, what words come up in your mind? Too complicated or too easy?

Obviously, in my mind its too complicated, since there are too many wires on Ultrasonic fuel sensor power cable, and the calculating formula is complicated. This is why now this article exists.

ultrasonic fuel sensor gps tracker

1. How to connect iStartek VT600 with Ultrasonic fuel sensor?

fuel sensor gps tracker

iStartek VT600 AD Wire (Blue) ——————connect with Ultrasonic fuel sensor Green Wire

iStartek VT600 Red Wire ——————-connect with Ultrasonic fuel sensor Red Wire

iStartek VT600 Black Wire——————–connect with Ultrasonic fuel sensor Black Wire

2. How to find the correct place for Ultrasonic fuel sensor installation?

   a. The installation area of the probe should avoid the oil filler, oil outlet, oil return pipe, oil float, and baffle, etc. Select the flat part at oil tank bottom or close to the central area as possible (see the following figure for the internal structure of the oil tank).   

   b.For circular oil tank, in addition to avoiding the barrier, the tangent plane closest to the ground should be selected.

gps tracker fuel sensor

3. How to Confirm Ultrasonic fuel sensor installation location via coupling agent?

   a. Connect the main body of the fuel sensor with user interface line, extension line, probe connection line properly and power on. The liquid level is displayed 000.0 at the moment.

   b.Clean the area where the oil tank is installed.

  c.Apply coupling agent on the probe surface. Press the probe at the selected installation position. The display of the main body displays the currently measured liquid level as below example:

anti fuel theft

4. What do we need to pay attention to while fixing Ultrasonic fuel sensor Probe?

   a. Make sure you Clean up the coupling agent before use glue.

   b.Remember that the glue can’t have bubbles.

   c.No need too much glue, after putting glue, you can attach probe on it, then heavy press it let the extra glue squeezed out.

5. How to calculate the height of fuel liquid level and Percentage of remaining oil?

Vat=(AD/1024)*6 for VT600

Percentage of remaining oil=((AD/1024*6)/5*100)/H(total height of fuel tank)*100%

The height of fuel liquid level=AD voltage/5*100

For example:

The total height of fuel tank: 60CM

AD value we get from RAW GPRS Data is 0203

Change 020A from Hex to decimal is 515

Percentage of remaining oil=((AD/1024*6)/5*100)/H(total height of fuel tank )*100%

Percentage of remaining oil=((515/1024*6)/5*100)/60*100%=100%, that means now the fuel tank is full.

Vat=(AD/1024)*6 for VT600=(515/1024)*6=3.01V

Height of fuel liquid level=AD voltage/5*100=60.2 CM

Note: Above data has some small error value is normal.

If you have any query for Ultrasonic fuel sensor installation or data calculation, please message us freely.

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