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What Professional Free Gps Tracking Software Our Gps Tracker Compatible?

If you want to build GPS tracker business or enter into GPS tracker market, no matter be a retailer, distributor, importer or wholesalers, build a GPS tracker service company, GPS tracker solution company or sim card provider cooperator, a professional free GPS tracking software, which with cell phone GPS tracking software/ mobile GPS tracking software is needed.

Currently, we know that there are different professional free GPS tracker software was popular in the GPS market, most of them already compatible with our vehicle tracker as following:

(1) Wialon/Gurtam platform from Russia- It is a multifunctional fleet management system, also used for mobile and stationary assets tracking. For more than 15 years in the international market.

Our VT600/VT900 and VT202/VT206 were listed on Wialon GPS tracker software supplier already.

free gps tracking software

(2) GPSWOX- It works with biggest GPS trackers manufacturers, free GPS server also powerful white label tracking platform.

Our VT600/VT900 and VT202/VT206 GPRS protocol were integrated by Wialon GPS tracking software supplier already.

cell phone gps tracking software

(3) GPSgate- A real-time GPS tracking software and fleet management platform to power your business. Customizable. Scalable. White-label software used by tracking partners.

Our VT600/VT900 GPRS already used on GPSgate GPS tracker software supplier.

mobile gps tracking software

(4) the GPS tracking software know where your car is moving and keep an eye on your driving behavior.

A client uses our VT600/VT900, VT202/VT206 vehicle tracker on this platform as the end-user or own fleet management.

gps tracking software

Except for that GPS tracker software, our vehicle tracker also compatible with a gas engine, gpsserver, traccar, OPENGTS, etc.

Or you can directly build own server for GPS tracking software with the following specifications:


CUP: Xeon E5620(2.4G)*2 or Xeon 2G APPUI design:
RAM: 32GB or 4GB APPUI:1920 (height)*1080 (width)
Hard disk: RAID 0+1 1TB or RAID Array 80GB PC UI:700 * 1430
OS: Windows Server 2008 or 2003 APP Icon size: 1024*1024
SQL Server 2008 Format: PSD, with Layer
.Net Framework 4.0  
web-based GPS tracker software use C#, app java  


And the last options directly use our neutral GPS tracker software

You can be more and more professional with a stable GPS device, good service, and strong GPS tracking software!

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