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Which accessories does gsm tracker support? Most of the clients will ask this question if they are caring about what functions are our gsm tracker support because what functions are the gsm tracker support depends on which accessories it supports. When you are reading this article you may be curious about which accessories do iStartek gsm tracker support, let’s show you one by one.

gsm car tracker

 a. iStartek gsm tracker can connect with Relay for engine cut purpose.

Engine cut is a very important function, almost every client will ask it and put it in practical application. Because vehicle theft in some countries happens very frequently, remotely cutting off the oil and electricity quickly can effectively prevent the loss of the vehicle.

Relay connection: Connect a relay as below picture shows:

gps gsm tracker

 b. iStartek gsm car tracker can connect with Microphone for voice monitoring.

The microphone can be linked with gsm tracker and hidden somewhere inside the vehicle for listening to the cabin. Some clients will ask for this function when they want to listen to what’s happening inside the vehicle.

 c. iStartek GPS tracker gsm can connect with fuel sensor for fuel monitoring.

Our gsm tracker supports 3 different types of fuel sensor, such as Ultrasonic fuel sensor, Resistance fuel sensor, and Capacitive fuel sensor, you can choose as per your need.

Following is iStartek 3 types of fuel sensor comparison:

gps tracker gsm

 d. iStartek GPS gsm tracker can connect with ibutton/RFID Reader for driver identification.

GSM Tracker connects with ibutton/RFID Reader can be used as below 2 conditions:

Condition 1: To limit who can use the car, you can set a maximum of 512 authorized ID card.

After set authorized ID card number, only the authorized ID Card can use the car; otherwise, without swiping authorized card after ignition on in 3 sec, the vehicle will engine cut.

Condition 2: To check which driver is using the car, no authorized/ unauthorized ID card limitation.

When the driver uses the car, they swipe ID Card, the tracker will send an ID Card number to tracking platform, then you can match ID Card number with each driver accordingly.

RFID Card Reader installation:

gsm tracker

iButton Installation:

gsm tracker

 e. iStartek gsm tracker can connect with PIN Switch for vehicle hood open/ close status detection.

 f. iStartek gsm tracker can connect with Temperature sensor for temperature monitoring.

This function can be used for Fresh product transport vehicle because for those vehicles to monitor inside temperature in realtime is very important, if temperature too high, it will influence inside goods/ fruits fresh level.

 g. iStartek gsm tracker can connect with Alcohol sensor for drunk driving detection.

 h. iStartek gsm tracker can connect with OBD (CANBUS) to read the remaining fuel of the vehicle.

Which function are you interested in? Welcome to message us for more details.


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