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What is the Method and Process for Detecting Fatigue Driving Based on Latest GPS Tracker?

Detecting fatigue driving based on latest gps tracker background technique:

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With the rapid development of the logistics and transportation industry, the process of urbanization of cars is getting faster and faster, the driver team is constantly growing, and more and more traffic accidents are caused by fatigue driving. According to statistics, in major traffic accidents, the proportion caused by fatigue driving is as high as 40% or more. It can be seen that the harm caused by fatigue driving is very serious, which has drawn great attention from governments of various countries. In order to reduce the accidents caused by fatigue driving, many countries currently adopt more measures to set the driving time of drivers within a certain range, suppliers of gps developed latest car tracking devices which with driving fatigue alarm. Article 62 of the Implementation Regulations of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China clearly states: Motor vehicle drivers shall not “drive a motor vehicle continuously for more than 4 hours without stopping for a break or for a period of less than 20 minutes.” the latest gps tracking devices play a great role in control fatigue driving.

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At present, latest gps tracker fatigue driving detection methods are divided into three categories according to the detection principle: (1) Based on physiological methods. According to the driver’s physiological indicators (such as EEG, EGG, etc.) to determine the driver’s fatigue status via latest gps tracker. Although these methods have high accuracy, they are not easy to be received, and they are likely to cause additional interference to the driver, which is not conducive to driving safety; (2) methods based on computer vision. When people are tired, they have typical characteristics, such as frequent nodding, yawning, closed eyes for a long time, and multiple eyelids covering the pupils via latest gps tracker. Although this method is easier to receive, it is susceptible to light, vibration, and other interference; (3) Judgment based on vehicle driving information via latest gps tracker. The driver’s behavior is indirectly determined by detecting the behavior of the vehicle. This detection method has a simple structure and low cost.

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Latest gps tracker with fatigue driving has been used as a navigation system on latest tracks vehicles, providing information such as the position, direction, and speed of the vehicle. Due to its accuracy and ease of use, latest gps tracker gps data has become one of the sources of traffic research data. The analysis of the parking spots from latest gps tracker is performed to detect whether the vehicle has fatigue driving behavior, the calculation process is simple and the cost is low.

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