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What is the Combined Application of vehicle satellite tracker and RFID in intelligent Bus Management?

The use of vehicle satellite tracker in buses is mainly reflected in the subsystems such as automatic vehicle positioning, driving information guidance, and electronic stop signs. For newly developed cities, public transportation infrastructure is relatively complete, and urban roads and buildings are relatively wide, there are relatively few viaducts and tunnels. The gps vehicle location system is flexible in dispatching, and the advantages of being informed and adaptable are fully reflected, which can fully meet the management requirements of real-time vehicle behavior via vehicle satellite tracker.

vehicle tracking using gps

However, there are many high-rise buildings in the urban area, dense viaducts and bridges, and more and more tunnels. As the main force of urban public transportation, buses are necessary to shuttle between these places. GPS satellites signal for live gps vehicle tracking will be effected. If there is no signal when it is blocked by an elevated bridge or tunnel, it will cause the vehicle satellite tracker GPS system signal to be unstable or even unable to work normally. Therefore, a new technology of RFID has been implemented.

live gps vehicle tracking

RFID is to automatically identify the target object and obtain related data through radio frequency signals. It consists of three basic parts: a radio frequency card, a card reader and a signal transmitting antenna. Its working principle is: when the RF card enters the receiving and transmitting antenna area, the encrypted carrier signal sent by the antenna is received by the RFID card reader device, after receiving and processing, the acquired card information is sent to the communication module. Cards and readers basically use two-way interactive wireless data communication methods. The communication technology is stable and reliable, and the bit error rate is extremely low. The carrier signal has strong penetrating power, strong diffraction power, and excellent information anti-collision function. The vehicle-mounted RF card can be fixedly installed on the metal, non-metal, glass and other surfaces of the vehicle. The installation position is basically unlimited, and the card reader can be simultaneously. But the limitation of “point positioning” is the disadvantage comparing to vehicle satellite tracker GPS technology.

gps vehicle location system

Combining the advantages and disadvantages of both vehicle satellite tracker gps technology and RFID technology , the bus intelligent dispatching management system adopts a design solution combining vehicle satellite tracker GPS technology and RFID technology, mainly based on vehicle satellite tracker GPS satellite positioning system, supplemented by RFID technology, The background management subsystem of the dispatch command center first uses data information from the vehicle satellite tracker GPS subsystem, and the second data information comes from the RFID subsystem. Under the premise of sufficient data and information sources, the reliability of the bus intelligent dispatching management system will also be improved.

So if you want vehicle tracking using gps we can use above solution of combine vehicle satellite tracker gps technology and RFID technology.

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