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Remote monitoring intelligent real time vehicle tracking system is an important part of vehicle telematics system. Today, vehicle tracking and navigation systems are widely used by public transportation departments, fleets, and individuals around the world. The remote monitoring intelligent real time vehicle tracking includes a vehicle unit (installed in the vehicle) and a remote web server application that can view vehicle status and movement data in an intuitive way on a map.

tracking units for vehicles

The vehicle unit collects position coordinates, time, date, speed, distance traveled, and satellite-fixed GPS information, and sends the data to a web server application via GPRS. The web application displays the current location and status information of the vehicle in OpenStreetMaps. The same information is displayed locally on the graphic LCD display.

The intelligent real time vehicle tracking units for vehicles circuit uses MEMS sensors: this unit also acts as a theft detection unit and senses the use of MEMS-based car lifts. In the event of a vehicle collision (using MEMS detection), the vehicle status and position parameters are recorded in a microSD card and the same information is sent to the administrator via text messages, thereby achieving a black box function.

vehicle gps tracking units

The functions of the real time vehicle tracking units as follows:

Real time vehicle tracking via GPS / GSM / GPRS Use GPS module to get vehicle location coordinates and send to web server-based fleet tracking application via GPRS. Vehicle status is defined as parked, traveling, closed trips and rest. Vehicle location and status tracking using a third-party map web application. Graphical display of information including vehicle status, location coordinates, speed, coverage distance, GPS strength, GSM signal strength, time and date. Car lift alarm for anti-theft function (using MEMS sensing)

Black box function:

In case of a vehicle collision (using MEMS detection), the vehicle status and position parameters are stored in the microSD card, and a text message is sent to the administrator “mobile number” to notify the alarm situation. Text messages are sent only when the vehicle is in motion; in all other cases, alert notifications are on a web.

vehicle tracking solutions

The real time vehicle tracking solutions alert tampering and panic detection. It can not only convert the accurate driving position and speed of the vehicle into the voice system, so that users can obtain the information by phone, but also transmit the data to the data center. The user can track the current whereabouts of the vehicle through the digital map on the computer.

This real time vehicle tracking is widely used in the logistics industry. The logistics dispatcher registers the mobile phone number of the owner of the carrier into Geguan Chebao, which can locate the vehicle in real time. Its positioning accuracy fully meets the logistics person’s requirements for positioning and tracking. Loved by logistics dispatch managers.

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