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The application fields of GPS information are quite extensive and can be roughly divided into three categories: first, dynamic navigation and positioning, including navigation vehicles on various vehicles on land, various ships on the water, and navigation and positioning of various aircraft and aircraft in the air; Surveying and mapping, widely used in map mapping, mineral exploration, railway, highway, tunnel construction, etc.; third, precise timing and time synchronization, international time coordination, time-frequency metering transmission, digital communication, network technology, etc. The field is very useful, especially for car/vehicle/mobile GPS location tracker.

vehicle gps location tracker

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the second-generation satellite navigation system developed by the US military in the 1970s on the “Mercury Satellite Navigation and Positioning” technology. The original overall design of GPS was approved by the US Department of Defense in 1973, the first satellite was launched in 1978, and a formal working system was announced in 1995. The working principle of GPS location tracker is very simple. The propagation time delay of the radio wave signal is used to measure the distance between the target position and the satellite. According to the target position and the distance of the four satellites at the determined position, an analytical geometric model is constructed to establish a three-dimensional position and a time quantity equation, to achieve three-dimensional positioning.

car gps location tracker

At present, GPS has been widely used in civil fields, including land transportation, marine transportation, civil aviation, communications, surveying and mapping, construction, mining, power systems, scientific research, home appliances, entertainment, and so on. Therefore, the GPS industry is popular with the saying that “the application of GPS is only limited by people’s imagination”, you will know more and more application for car/vehicle/mobile GPS location trackers also.

mobile gps location tracker

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