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Some car owners must not understand, my car has its own GPS positioning system, why spend money to install another car GPS locator device? In fact, this is just confusing the concept of car GPS navigation and car GPS locator. GPS navigation is a one-way process, only one-way receiving satellite signals. GPS positioning is a two-way process in which the owner actively sends commands to the GPS locator installed in the vehicle, and the locator sends the location or other information to the owner’s mobile phone or computer.

but the car GPS locator device

The GPS that comes with the car can not only locate information when driving but also can track the position after the car is stolen. The car’s own GPS is a positioning that can only be used for navigation. It belongs to the original car configuration. The owner can only navigate when driving. Once he leaves the car, he can’t know where his car is. When the car is missing or wants to track the positioning car outside the car, you can only check by interconnection center of the brand to which the car belongs.

The installation of the car GPS locator device is installed by the owner himself in the car. As long as the owner connects the device to the vehicle’s power supply, the owner, family or friends can view the car at any time and anywhere on the mobile phone, computer or monitoring center. Like location, speed, mileage (matching, picture, inquiry), alarm and other information.

The installation of the car GPS locator device

As mentioned above, the GPS that comes with the car can only be used for navigation and positioning, but the car GPS locator device can help you manage your car. Especially for some car rental mortgages, it is more convenient to install a GPS locator for the car. Because there are a lot of cars, single management is very inconvenient. The usage of the car, location information, mileage fuel consumption information, driver information, route itinerary, etc. They need to control this information, If the information cannot be connected to each other, it is difficult to efficient management and utilization.

car GPS locator device

The use of a car GPS locator device can connect all of this information to a monitoring platform. The management will very convenient.

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