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Which company offers Best car tracking device? If anyone asked me this question, I will answer

Startrack Technology Co., Limited. Why? You may be surprised about my answer, please keep reading through the following points.

What is the advantage of Startrack Technology Co., Limited?

1. Startrack Technology Co., Limited has a very wide range product line, which offers client best car tracking device for different vehicles, such as best car tracking device VT202 for motorcycle track, which supports wide voltage power supply from 9V to 100V. For car/ bus/ taxi tracking we have best car tracking device VT600 which support multiple functions such as fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring, ACC Detection etc. Or if you want Longtime standby tracker with a magnet, our best car tracking device VT100 is recommended, it has a strong magnet with built in 5000mah battery.

car tracking device

2. Lower than 1% defective Rate and Flexible Warranty terms for best car tracking device, let our client free of after sale service.

Startrack Technology Co., Limited founded in 2009, the quality of car tracking device has been verified by the market- Lower than 1% defective Rate. There are 2 different options for warranty:

Option 1: 36 months warranty for all our car tracking devices, within warranty time if device defect and not by man-made, you can send it back to us for repair, then we send it back with your next order.

Option 2: Per order, we offer you an extra 1% best car tracking device, no further maintenance. For example, if you order 2000pcs best car tracking devices from us, then you can WIN extra 20pcs, so we send 2020pcs to you totally.

3. 24hours delivery after payment.

Startrack Technology Co., Limited has regular stock for standard best car tracking device, sample order can be arranged within one day upon full payment.

4. Fast Technical support

Startrack Technology Co., Limited has over 22 engineers with more than 5years industry experience, supporting more than 380 clients from worldwide for best car tracking device Hardware/Firmware/Software customization since 2009. Startrack Technology Co., Limited is flexible for any OEM& ODM project.

Case A: Put clients’ brand name and logo on car tracking device case freely, in this way, it will help our client to build their own brand and reputation in the local market, following is an example for one of our clients:

VT600 car tracking device

Case B: We can customize best car tracking device under clients’ demand, such as we customized our best car tracking device VT900 for Thailand DLT Project, customized our best car tracking device VT600 for Philippine government LTFRB project.

Case C: Customized best car tracking device VT600 to meet Chile bus group’s request and installed more than 1000pcs already.

best car tracking device

Case D: As per Indian’s Telecom Provider’s request, we customized VT600 to track GSM station’s Backup batteries, for the anti-theft purpose.

best car tracking device

If you are thinking about where to find a GPS car tracking device or where can you buy a car tracking device, contact Startrack Technology Co., Limited, we will be your strong backup in China, and we will offer you our best solution.


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