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More and more GPS tracker has appeared over time, People can have a different choice. For the truck the Magnet GPS tracking uses quiet often, to avoid the thief to steal it. Located on the bottom of the car, sucks strongly on the car It’s hard for a thief to take it off. The hiding power is also strong, the device hardly emits light, it is difficult for people to find him. The Magnet GPS tracking can standby 3years, everyday only post one positioning message can work for 3 years. Extra-long standby time can better reach customer needs.

4g gps tracking

The most popular is the 4G GPS tracking. Most countries already have 4G networks, with the closure of 2G networks, more and more customers will choose 4G GPS Tracking. The car location tracker is also called a car location tracker, which is mainly car anti-theft GPS positioning product. The functions of the car location tracker generally include short message location, timed location, network query, remote monitoring, and remote lock.

vehicle tracking

How does Vehicle tracking magnet GPS Tracking works we have the following instruction:

1. SMS positioning:

Directly send the SMS “G password” to the device card number with the mobile phone or PHS, the device will automatically determine whether the user is authorized, and automatically reply to the current location information and status to the user ’s mobile phone with a text message.

2. Overspeed alarm: When the vehicle speed exceeds the preset speed, an alarm sound will be issued.

3. Track by platform:

By accessing the platform system, it is possible to track the current state of the vehicle and track playback within a set period of time.

4. Power supply monitoring: It is mainly based on the vehicle power supply, supplemented by a backup lithium battery. When the main power supply fails, it will remind users by SMS and automatically enable backup power supply.

5. One-click alarm: In an emergency, the emergency alarm button is pressed for 3 seconds, and the device will automatically send a text message and make a call to an authorized preset number for help for GPS vehicle tracking

6. Remote monitoring:

The authorized number can dial the device number at any time to monitor the real-time sound around the vehicle.

7. Remote arming: remote arming and disarming with millions of password levels.

gps vehicle tracking

The magnet GPS Tracking Management System uses global positioning technology, wireless data transmission, and cooperates with computer software (MIS) to manage various static and dynamic information of the vehicle. The biggest difference between it and the previous GPS positioning equipment is the diversification and systematization of management functions, highlighting the management function of computer software rather than the positioning equipment function. And compared with ordinary vehicle management systems, it is because of its data dynamics that show advantages.

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