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Why Did Car Owner install one More GPS Magnetic locator Tracker on Car?

Currently, a car GPS tracking locator is very popular in the automotive industry. With the car’s anti-theft protection, it makes car owners feel more at ease. However, many car owners also have such doubts. Obviously, my car already has a GPS positioning system, why should I pay for another one more GPS magnetic locator tracker? People with this idea must have confused the concepts of car GPS navigation and GPS magnetic locator tracker. GPS navigation is a one-way process, as long as it receives satellite signals. Car GPS magnetic locator tracker positioning is a two-way process. The owner actively sends instructions to the GPS magnetic locator tracker installed on the car, and the GPS magnetic locator tracker sends the location or other information to the owner’s mobile phone or computer.

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Then there are several questions to discuss on this topic:

1. What’s the difference between a car’s own GPS and an installed GPS magnetic locator tracker?

2. Which one of the car’s own GPS and an installed GPS magnetic locator tracker is better and safer?

For the first question, what is the difference between the car’s own GPS and the installed GPS magnetic locator tracker?

People with this question still haven’t figured out the difference between a car’s own GPS navigation and GPS magnetic locator tracker positioning.

The car’s built-in GPS is only used for navigation and positioning. It belongs to the original car configuration. The owner can only perform positioning and navigation when driving. Once he leaves the car, he cannot know where his car is. He disappeared or wanted to track the car.

The GPS magnetic locator tracker purchased separately is installed on the car by the owner. The owner only needs to install the device on car, so whether the owner, family or friends can use the mobile phone or computer or the monitoring center can automatically check the car’s position, speed, mileage (reference, picture, inquiry), alarm and other information anytime, anywhere, with more comprehensive functions and better user experience.

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For the second question, which one of the built-in GPS and the installed GPS tracker is better?

As mentioned above, the car’s own GPS can only be used for navigation and positioning, but the GPS magnetic locator tracker can help you manage your car. Especially for some car rental mortgages, mortgage loan cars, or companies with zero down payment to buy a car is even more important. Because there are many cars under their name, it is very inconvenient to manage them individually. The use of the car, location information, mileage and fuel consumption information, driver information, route itinerary, etc. need to be controlled. If this information cannot be connected to each other, it is difficult to manage. The utilization rate and efficiency will be very low. The GPS magnetic locator tracker can connect all this information to a monitoring platform, all the vehicle information is at a glance, the data is guaranteed, and the dispatch management is very convenient. This is the same for individual car owners. No matter where the car is parked or you want to know how your loved ones are using the car, you can easily monitor it.

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I ca n’t say who is better, I can only say that it can be better and more secure.

Except for GPS magnetic locator tracker, there is also another application for GPS, like mobile phone location locator tracker, personal geo locator tracker, live the life with GPS.

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