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Nowadays, many of us have dogs or cats, but we often see news about finding pets on various social platforms. When it happens, a mini global GPS tracker will help us a lot.

Nowadays, for most people, dogs are no longer just pets, they are our companions for the rest of their lives. Now, many old people feel lonely because of their children’s work. We can buy an obedient golden retriever to accompany them. Meanwhile, the dog was equipped with a mini GPS tracking device We could see the location of the locator and the location of our grandparents through the mobile APP or website.

mini global gps tracker

I think it’s necessary to equip the guide dogs with a mini global GPS tracker. Although the guide dogs are strictly trained, I think it is necessary to install a mini global GPS tracker just in case of an accident. We can upgrade our device, set up the emergency contact number of the device and install the alarm phone. We can design a button for people to hold, and when they are in danger, they can press the button to call the alarming number of the device or the emergency contact number to protect themselves. We can set up a website in the guide dog company to locate the guide dog’s real-time location, so as to know the location of the people served by the guide dog, so as to protect their safety better.

guide dogs

At present, vehicle GPS devices have a huge potential in the market, but it seems that there is no GPS device specially designed for guide dogs.

Considering their needs, I think it is necessary to produce this product. So I hope we will design a sort of mini global GPS tracker for them and for the society.

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