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Do you need a pet GPS locator? iStartek 2G PET GPS Tracker Who is iStartek? Shenzhen iStartek Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, and sale of IoT products.

Since its inception in 2015, iStartek has established all-around strategic partnerships with a number of internationally renowned IT enterprises, such as Qualcomm, MTK, and CCMIC, etc, with the capability of rapidly mastering and accessing global leading-edge technological resources to make technological breakthroughs and facilitate product innovations.

Currently, iStartek product mix covers IoT, IoH, and IoV, including 2G/3G/4G/NB/LORA GPS positioning equipment and smart devices, 5G/4G routers (MiFi, industrial routing, CPE), 5G/4G modules, etc., which are widely adopted in areas such as industrial sector, household sector, vehicle, agriculture, monitoring, and positioning and data transportation. The provision of services and products integrating both hardware and software platforms, as well as customized specialty services is one of our major competitive edges. For more details visit

Main key features of PT29 4G pet GPS locator

  1. iStartek PT21 2G GPS Tracker can support 2G network, that means all 2G sim card can work.
  2. iStartek PT21 2G GPSTracker can support GPS+LBS+WIFI Positioning Allow the location to be pinpointed accurately and rapidly
  3. IStartekPT21 2G GPS Tracker can support IP67 Water-resistant, No pressure wearing swimming and washing your hands
  4. iStartek PT21 2G GPS Tracker can support 3 days standby time with

900mah high capacity Li-ion battery allowing sufficient power supply

  1. iStartek PT21 2G GPS Tracker can support Smart Geo-fence which helps when the object is outside the range setting there will be an automatic alarm.
  2. iStartek PT21 2G GPS Tracker can support WIFI Tracker and SW Update
  3. iStartek PT21 2G GPS Tracker can support SOS call & Voice monitor which can help in times of emergency.
  4. iStartek PT21 2G GPS Tracker can support Two-way Audio With MIC and speaker connected, which helps in an easy way of communication between the speaker and the speaker and the listener.
  5. iStartek PT21 2GGPS Tracker can support the Historical route which means that you can check the history of three months of your tracker.
  6. iStartek PT21 2GGPS Tracker can support Tracking by SMS, APP to report location in real-time through different interfaces.

Applications of iStartek GPS Trackers?

iStartek GPS Trackers can be used for the following:

  1. Lone Worker (Field Workers)
  2. Pet ( Pet collar tracking)
  3. Valuables( can be Placed in several personal suitcases illustration)

Most frequently asked questions:

  1. What is the warranty of your products?

Ans: iStartek offers 1-3 years quality warranty

  1. Do you offer free samples?

Ans: We offer samples and your sample’ payment can be refunded upon your bulk order.

  1. Do you do customization?

Ans: Yes, OEM and ODM projects are their specialty, iStartek R&D team got rich ODM experience for Government projects, such as NBTC, AIS140, LTFRB, etc

  1. What is your MOQ?

Ans: We do not require MOQ because we have regular stock.

Looking for the best pet GPS locator for you? The new generation personal pet tracker PT29 is very compact, slim, and light. It can be together with A Nylon Collar(Optional Accessory) and Silicon Case(Optional Accessory) for GPS Tracker, Suit for Pet Tracking. IP 67 Waterproof Level Design and a lanyard gift, making it perfect for keeping your working outside under protection in whatever bad weather. It has a rechargeable battery (Bulletin 650Mah battery ) that lasts up to 45 days based on its usage.

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