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Real time GPS tracker for car allows consumers, businesses and police agencies to instantly locate an automobile with pin-point accuracy! This real time GPS tracking technology can provide parents a simple way to track a teen driver, companies a solution to manage vehicle fleets, and police agencies a high-tech surveillance tool to document every location a suspect goes! The accompanying free real time car tracking device app gives users a live view of vehicle activity that will provide information about where a driver is at, how fast an automobile is driving, and also send out live alerts if an automobile is stolen or taken without authorization! All of this live car detector device tracking data can be accessed through any web-enabled device such as a cell phone, tablet or computer. With the use of a real time GPS tracker for car any automobile can instantly be accessed, and all the historical driving records are archived.

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Except real time tracking functions for real time GPS tracker for car, there are other functions can be optional, for example for our VT900-L 4G real time gps tracker for car, it can also support features as following:

Power down mode for VT900-L 4G real time gps tracker for car:

Power down mode when the tracker is inactive (stationary) for a period of time.

In Power Down mode, GPS stops working and GSM enters sleep and stops sending out a message until it is activated by message, incoming calls, movement or input changes.

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GSM Jamming for VT900-L 4G real time gps tracker for car:

When the Jamming function is enabled, when the GSM jamming is detected, there will be a GPRS event 0x57 alarm and SMS alarm, and output1 will turn on to cut the power of the oil pump or buzzer alarm. When GSM jamming disappeared, output1 will turn off.

Heading Change Report for VT900-L 4G real time gps tracker for car:

When the heading direction of the tracker changes over the preset degree, a message with location data will be sent back to the server by GPRS.

Overspeeding and output Alarm for VT900-L 4G real time gps tracker for car:

Out1 connect to a buzzer, when the tracker is over this preset speed limit, an alarm message will be sent to the server, and Out1 will be activated to alarm.

Listening-in Phone for VT600 2G real time gps tracker for car:

Authorize a phone number to make a silent call to the tracker. The tracker will answer the call automatically and allows the caller to listen to what happens around the tracker. There is no sound when the tracker is working.

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Before you buy tracking device for car, you can consult from supplier except for real time gps tracker for car what others function gps tracker you have, then you will be satisfied with the product you bought.

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