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The back-up battery in your car GPS locating and tracking device is important for long standby mode and operation temperature but not only it and not always, what you should do before buying buy GPS tracker for car and where can I buy a GPS tracker for a car is always confused for a new buyer?

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So let us today to break another myth that a powerful battery always ensures a long autonomous operation after you buy GPS tracker for car because:

You can track your car through GPS that you are going to buy GPS tracker for car, batteries are different after you buy GPS tracker for car. In GPS trackers manufacturers mostly use lithium-ion polymer batteries (LiPo), which always have the operating temperature within -20 – +60 degrees Celsius so if your manufacturer puts in the spec some higher or lower values, it is pure marketing and nothing else because at very high temperatures LiPo batteries may swell or even explode.

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Much depends on your GPS tracker as some you buy GPS tracker for car does not consume a lot of power during their operation and others are just killing the back-up battery because of their operation algorithm or multiple extra options (RS-485, etc.)  But even the smartest and very simple vehicle tracker will not be able to survive more than 10 hours with a battery of 170 mAh so once again if you see some long hours of standby mode together with a battery of 170 mAh or even 250 mAh, be sure it is about marketing but not about the real situation before you buy GPS tracker for car.

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Another marketing tip is when the manufacturer sells you a tiny vehicle tracker which one you buy GPS tracker for car with a very small LiPo battery inside and says that the device may work autonomously hours and hours. PURE NONSENSE It is not possible to reduce the capacity of a LiPo battery without affecting its features dramatically (internal resistance will obviously increase and the maximum charging current will decrease). For example, if your vehicle tracker has a 250 mAh battery inside, so the discharge current for it will be around 1,5-3A at room temperature. However, the GSM module alone consumes up to 2A but even in a very basic tracker there is always a navigation module and some standard interfaces consuming much energy as well, please consider it before you buy GPS tracker for car.

Finally, some manufacturers assure you that their vehicle trackers are very autonomous because there use 2 back-up batteries in them IMPOSSIBLE! Even 2 equal batteries of the same manufacturer always have different internal resistance and hence will discharge each other all the time during operation, please consider it before you buy GPS tracker for car.

So please don’t let somebody pull the wool over your eyes and remember checking ALL PARAMETERS AND OPERATION CONDITIONS before you buy GPS tracker for car.


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