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How to use real-time GPS tracker? When you receive GPS tracker from us, if you only need to check its real tracking status, just one SMS command or a phone call can help you achieve your goal. Below is a test result based on VT600 real time GPS tracker:

As we can see, after sending W000000,000 SMS command to VT600 GPS tracker, it replied us one SMS command which indicates device ID, year/month/date, current speed, and location via google map.

Screenshot from iPhone :

Screenshot from Andriod :

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Or you can call VT600 GPS tracker sim card after phone call device will send you a location with google link details:

how to use real time gps tracker

Also, we can check VT600 GPS tracker location via web-based tracking platform or mobile app. When you want to check its real-time location you just need log in the mobile app, or web-based tracking platform, it will show you details as below:

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After reading how to use real time GPS tracker, we know that its very easy, but how about the price, and is it the best real time GPS tracker? Yes, VT600 is a type of cheap real time GPS tracker, its bulk order price only $19.00/pcs, comparing with other suppliers similar function device, our VT600 GPS tracker is very cost efficient, also we provide 15days free tracking platform for client testing, after that you can choose $2.50/pcs yearly or $10.00/pcs for lifetime using, its flexible.

Also VT600 real time GPS tracker is the best real time GPS tracker, which has the following advantages:

1. Support remotely cut off engine via SMS/GPRS command

 2. Support overspeed buzzer alarm when driver overspeed

 3. Support fuel monitoring

 4. Support temperature monitoring

 5. Support driver identification

 6. Support OTA (Remotely upgrade firmware via Tracking platform)

 7. Support GSM Anti Jammer

 8. Support various tracking platform, such as you can use it in traccar, opengts, GPS-server, gpswox etc.

If you need real time GPS tracker, please message us now.

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