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One Of The Guarantees Of Traffic Safety – GPS Tracker Alarm

When we face the publicity of the National Traffic Safety Day, would you think about how to ensure the safety of transportation vehicles? GPS tracker alarm function will definitely help you.

GPS tracker alarm

December 2, 2012, is China’s first “National Traffic Safety Day”. The origin of this date is because the number “122” was taken as the alarm call for road traffic accidents in China. It was opened and put into use in 1994. The public has a high awareness of this, which is convenient for memory and publicity. At the same time, considering that China has entered the winter season on December 2, it is a period of frequent traffic accidents. The road traffic and transportation peaks such as the Spring Festival travel will also begin soon. This time will be designated as the National Traffic Safety Day to ensure the safety of the general public.

GPS tracker with alarm

There are some of the traffic safety protections that GPS tracker with alarm can do as below:

(1)Record historical driving track

Each GPS positioning device will automatically record the driver’s driving record, including driving time, speed, route, mileage statistics and other data. Through the data, you can analyze whether the driver has bad driving behavior, overload work leads to fatigue driving, etc.

(2)Over speed alarm

By installing an alarm buzzer on the GPS device, when the vehicle travels faster than the set speed threshold, the driver will hear a voice alarm from the device and slow down the driving in time. Thereby effectively reducing the risk of driving safety.

(3)Get emergency help.

During the driving process, it is difficult to avoid the vehicle accident problem. In case of an encounter, the driver can immediately send an alarm message through the SOS emergency alarm button provided by the GPS locator, so that the rescue personnel can arrive at the scene in time.

(4)Temperature sensor

It can detect the temperature inside the car and keep track of the temperature of the vehicle to prevent accidents.

power cut off alarm GPS tracker

At the same time, we don’t have to worry about the equipment being taken away, most GPS is a power cut off GPS tracker alarm, you will receive a message if someone takes the device.

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