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Most real time GPS tracking device for cars supports basic functions such as realtime tracking, engine cut, fuel monitoring, etc, those are not special features, almost 90% fleet GPS tracking devices can meet the demand easily. Then how we figure out which is the best real time GPS tracking device for cars? Absolutely, it must support some special features.

If any clients asked about a tracking device for my car, our VT600 is recommended, because it supports some special features or functions which another GPS tracker DON’T support. There are 6 special functions, please check it out one by one.

VT600 Real time GPS tracking device for cars special function 1: Auto log when no GPRS. When there is no GPRS connection, the tracker can store all GPS information triggered by preset tracking interval, alarms, request, or button activation and send this information (FILO – First In, Last Out) to the server by GPRS or authorized mobile phone by SMS when GPRS connection recovers.

The internal memory can store up to 1500 SMS and 4600 GPRS message.

VT600 Real time GPS tracking device for cars special function 2: ACC Off time interval. Most GPS Tracker support only one-time interval for both acc on and acc off status. iStartek VT600 can set it separately, which can help you save more GPRS Data.

VT600 Real time GPS tracking device for cars special function 3: Multiple sizes and shape Geo fence area.

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VT600 Real time GPS tracking device for cars special function 4: Tracker by Distance. As we know sometimes if the traffic too crowded, we need to stop very long time on the road, even few hours, if we set time interval as 10mins, the device will send any data in one same position, that’s not good.

VT600 Real time GPS tracking device for cars special function 5: Optional conditions to cut off the engine. We can set VT600 to cut off the engine immediately or when vehicle speed meets our present value than cut off the engine.

VT600 Real time GPS tracking device for cars special function 6: Heading change report. When the heading direction of the tracker changes over the preset degree, a message with location data will be sent back to the server by GPRS, which will give you an accurate tracking trace.

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About real time GPS tracking device for cars, besides the above functions, what other functions you want to have? Our company is very flexible for OEM&ODM demand, if you have any customization or new function demand please feel free to let us know. Who we are? We are GPS tracker manufacturer in China since 2009, we have our own real time GPS tracking system and mobile app, and experienced technical support team, we are always ready to support you.

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