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Nowadays, many car owners and car rental companies have installed various anti-theft devices on the car, you must familiar to the GPS tracking device, but you may always with a question in mind-where is the GPS tracking device on a vehicle, motorcycle, trucks? How to install the GPS tracking device on a vehicle, motorcycle, trucks?

Example, for a private car, there are many installation places of the GPS tracking device:

(1) Front and rear bumpers: Many installers recommend installing GPS locators in bumpers. First, since the bumper is concave and convex, it is suitable to install GPS tracking device in the groove; secondly, because the GPS tracking device is sucked in the bumper, it is difficult to be seen by people, so this position is sufficiently concealed and sufficient.

gps tracking device for trucks

(2) Inside the trunk: The trunk of the car will be large and there are many locations to install. Some drivers also put a layer of blankets in the trunk. These blankets are enough to block the GPS tracking device from being discovered, and the satellite signals in the trunk are relatively smooth and will not affect the positioning effect. Next to the taillights near the trunk is also a good installation point.

gps tracking device app for iphone

You can also installed the GPS tracking device at other places as following:

1. The rooflights above the front windshield;

2. Concealed inside the decorative panel below the front windshield;

3. Concealed areas around the front dashboard;

4. In the door partition;

5. Under the decorative panel below the rear windshield;

6. Under the wiper board, pay attention to waterproof;

Note: If the windshield is pasted with a metal insulation layer or a heating layer, the GPS receiving signal will be reduced, causing the GPS to malfunction. At this point, pay attention to replace the equipment installation location.

The points of installing the GPS tracking device on a vehicle, motorcycle, trucks is with a good GPS/GSM signal, without metal to block the signal.

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