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How To Install Wireless Gps Car Tracker Is More Concealed?

The installation of the wireless GPS car tracker is more convenient than the wired GPS locator. The wireless GPS car tracker can be placed at any position in the car, but since the wireless GPS car tracker is bought, it must be avoided by malicious removal. For example, when the car is stolen The GPS locator can provide the driving route for the owner’s car, because the thief will definitely check the car for GPS positioning when stealing the car. So how to install the wireless GPS car tracker is more concealed? iStartek GPS tells you, there are always a few fixed points for wireless GPS car tracker installation, so what are the fixed points?

wireless gps car tracker

(1) Front bumper

(2) Rear tail box

(3) Inside the spare tire

(4) Under the seat

(5) Inside the mirror

These locations are where the current wireless GPS car tracker is often installed, so why choose these 5 locations?

Bumper front

The front of the bumper is the best place to install in many companies. Because the magnet is sucked up, GPS car tracker can’t be seen at all. Because in the beginning, the front of the treasure chest is a good installation position.

Rear box

There is a lot of position in the rear trunk, just suck wireless GPS car tracker at the back of the rear trunk.

Inside the spare tire

After that, many people will not think that there will be a wireless GPS car tracker in the spare tire. Now more than 80% of enterprises will install a GPS in the spare tire.

Under the seat

Many people think that installing a positioner in the seat is not reliable, but the friends who know how to install know that the direct track seat is not visible at all.

wireless gps tracker

Inside the mirror

Is the small rearview mirror the next GPS car tracker? This is not a problem for GPS manufacturers. For us, will the rearview mirror be removed and find a new one? So many people will not pay attention to it. There will be a wireless GPS device in the mirror, which is now the alternative for most companies.

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