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3M glue is not glued in the traditional sense, and it is more suitable now called 3M adhesive. It has liquids, pastes, tapes, films, and solids in a certain form. Each form has its own different application range and efficiency improvement characteristics. 3M glue is a substance that can bond surfaces of the same or different materials. Glue can replace traditional mechanical fixing methods such as rivets and welding. Now let us give an example of the application of the 3M product in the automotive assembly industry, the automotive product vehicle car GPS tracker.

Adhesive technology is widely used in automotive assembly today. The car’s installation in the body structure, the bonding of the interior, the bonding of the seats, etc., all of them are used for 3M adhesive technology. Adhesives are also used in a wide range of non-structural parts of automobiles, such as doors, floors, sunroofs, sealing materials, nameplates, signs, and other components that are less stressed. The pipeline, the interior facilities, doors, and windows, etc. are sealed on the seal. Except car built, the good partner vehicle car GPS tracker of the car also use 3M glue for install and hidden inside the car.

3M tapes for internal antenna vehicle car GPS tracker, you need to use these 3M tapes in an environment with temperature range from 19 to 23 ℃, humidity from 40 to 60%.

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Also 3M tapes for vehicle car GPS tracker external GSM antenna, with strong stickiness.

internal antenna vehicle car gps tracker

3M glue application for vehicle car GPS tracker optional accessory ultrasonic fuel sensor, to stick the ultrasonic fuel sensor probe under the fuel tank, normally we use 3M brand DP810.

vehicle car gps tracker optional accessory ultrasonic fuel sensor

With the rapid development of the automobile manufacturing industry, the vehicle car GPS tracker will be applied to more and more vehicles while being manufactured, the world is changing, the technology is changing for!

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