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Will 5G Become The New Fuse For GPS Anti Jammer?

The White House has announced a new strategy to accelerate the development of next-generation wireless networks that may compete with proposals to interfere with GPS spectrum for a long time, will 5G become the new fuse for GPS anti jammer?

gps tracker anti jammer

Ligado has long expressed its intention to implement 5G. On October 29, a few days after the White House strategy was announced, it announced plans to work with Ericsson and Sequans to develop new 5G technology for the satellite portion of satellite and terrestrial mobile networks, which will provide key industries with a 40 MHz IF spectrum. 5G solutions drive the next generation of US infrastructure.

“Ligado praises the government’s commitment to making the US 5G number one and maintaining our global competitiveness and national security,” said Ashley Durmer, senior vice president of government relations and public affairs at Ligado. “We look forward to regulatory approval to immediately unlock the 40 MHz IF spectrum, create jobs, invest hundreds of millions of dollars in our digital infrastructure, and help build the US 5G future.”

gps tracker jammer 5g

However, Ligado wants to use the frequency of 5G in the L-band to approach the frequency of GPS use for GPS anti jammer. Although Ligado has revised its plan to reduce interference, studies have shown that interference with GPS receivers is still large.

The GPS community is participating in 5G and ensuring the need to protect GPS signals to avoid GPS anti jammer – this is necessary for wireless network synchronization, which is clear.

A month before the announcement of the 5G strategy, the White House held a summit of stakeholders including the GPS Innovation Alliance. In a blog posted on the GPSIA website David Grossman, GPSIA executive director and App Association’s Morgan Reed explains why protecting GPS frequencies from interference is critical to the success of 5G.

They wrote in their blog that ensuring that every American can take advantage of the innovative (5G) application “needs industry and government to work together.” “This requires a spectrum policy to confirm the inherent differences in functional and technical attributes between 5G communication networks and navigation services such as GPS to avoid GPS anti jammer. When we maintain our policy of complying with internationally recognized levels of signal reception interference protection, our economy, Both consumers and businesses benefit from the “clean spectrum neighborhood” of compatible satellite services. By doing so, the US will ensure that GPS signals maintain continuity, availability, accuracy, reliability, and flexibility while developing 5G technology to Implement a compatible deployment.”

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