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Free vehicle tracking is a GPS positioning device dedicated to the automotive field. It allows fleet managers, parents, and car owners to monitor and track the location of their cars and trucks. Generally speaking, free vehicle tracking GPS trackers for cars can not only provide real-time The instantaneous speed and position data of the car. In order to make the car GPS tracker meet the needs of more car owners, most companies will expand many practical functions, such as historical location data queries, so that the car owner can better grasp the car’s driving track to use with free vehicle tracking. Come to count the driving situation of the car in a period of time, just like many pedometer software now, can playback your running route.

commercial vehicle tracking

The GPS tracker uses the GPS satellite network to find the location of the device that needs to be located. The basic principle is that the GPS tracker uses the method to determine its physical position. The real-time vehicle tracking, the premise of judging the position is that it needs to be worth the distance from the three GPS satellites. Then, through the coordinate method, we can accurately know the location of the device. The personal car navigation system uses the same technical principle.

live gps vehicle tracking

commercial vehicle tracking is different from the car navigation system. The difference between a GPS locator and a car navigation system is that the navigation system provides you with location and driving directions, while the tracker can record your driving habits or play the location in real-time.

What the car navigation system serves is that in order to find an individual who starts navigation at a certain location, we do not need to install other facilities. The live GPS vehicle tracking locator service is mainly the leader of fleet management companies and individuals who need to detect the movement information of objects in real-time. The GPS locator can be used as a carrier of information channels and requires us to install a SIM card for the device.

real time vehicle tracking

The real-time alarm function can prevent your car from being stolen and grasp the abnormal information of the car in real-time. Even now, some free vehicle tracking car GPS trackers can perform fuel cut and electricity operations. You can imagine that you are the manager of the fleet company. With the improvement of the technical level, we believe that car GPS trackers will have more abundant functions in the future. Mobile Communications Corporation is currently focusing on the development and design of a new car GPS locator, please look forward to it!

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