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Every time before clients placing an order for iStartek watch GPS tracker, they will have some doubts about our mobile app, such as how to track the watch GPS tracker, how to download the mobile app for my smartwatch GPS tracker, is it work, is it user friendly, etc. We can track watch GPS tracker via both web-based tracking platform and mobile app, this article will show you related details about our mobile app.

Firstly let’s figure out how to download android and IOS APP for watch GPS tracker?

Option 1: Scan the following QR code to download mobile APP “AIBEILE” for your watch GPS tracker.

watch gps tracker

Option 2: Download it from “Google Play” or “App store”.

For Android: You can download the app from “Google play” by searching “AIBEILE”

For iPhone: You can download the app from “app store” by searching “AIBEILE”

Note: during the APP installation process, it will ask you whether to trust this program, or whether to allow access to mobile phone location, please choose trust or allow.

Secondly, how can we log in to the watch GPS tracker mobile app?

After installing the kids watch tracker mobile app, you can open the app, then choose login with device IMEI Number or log in by username, you can choose the login type in the app login page as below:

Note: The app can only login with correct IMEI which indicates on the gift box of our watch GPS tracker, or the username which is created by us.

smart watch gps tracker

Thirdly how is the watch tracker mobile app works?

After login successfully, it will show us 5 sub-pages, Geo-Fence, History, Tel, Mode and more, let’s study it one by one.

Geo fence page, after clicking it, it will show us a new page, on that page we can set geo-fence area for the watch tracker, adjust its Radius, set a special name for the geofence area, etc. History page, after clicking it, we can choose the time and date, then check where the watch GPS tracker went in the specified time.

Mode Page, after clicking it, we can change the time interval of the cartoon watch tracker.

More Page, on this page, we can change the settings of watch GPS trackers, such as app alarm settings, etc.

cartoon watch gps tracker

cartoon watch gps tracker

If you have more queries iStartek watch GPS tracker mobile app, please let us know freely.

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