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Many people didn’t know that GPS doesn’t just have the function of positioning when they first came into contact with the vehicle GPS locator device. Real-time positioning is indeed the most important part of GPS, but at the same time, GPS devices have many other features to more effectively protect vehicles and help manage cars.

principle of vehicle GPS locator device

Before you use these various functions, would you want to understand how it works and the operating principle? Like anti-jammer function About GPS anti-jamming, when the device detects jammer, the vehicle will engine cut and alarm by platform, to prevent false positives, we add on/off command, if a command is off, you just received an alarm when device detect jammer.

And about Auto Log when no GPRS/WCDMA function. When there is no GPRS/WCDMA connection, the tracker can store all GPS information triggered by preset tracking interval, alarms, request, or button activation and send this information (FILO – First In, Last Out) to server by GPRS/WCDMA or pre-authorized mobile phone by SMS when GPRS/WCDMA connection recovers.

vehicle GPS locator device

Set Heading Change Report. When the heading direction of the tracker changes over the preset degree, a message with location data will be sent back to the server by GPRS.

Seeing the principle of these functions, it is also simple to talk about the principle of vehicle GPS locator device positioning implementation. The basic principle of the GPS navigation system is to measure the distance between the satellite at the known location and the receiver of the user and then combine the data of multiple satellites to know the specific location of the receiver.

various vehicle GPS locator device

Global Positioning System. Simply put, this is a satellite system consisting of 24 satellites covering the globe. This system can guarantee that at any time, four satellites can be observed at any point on the earth to ensure that the satellite can collect the latitude and longitude and altitude of the observation point, so various vehicle GPS locator device realizes navigation, positioning, timing, and other functions.

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