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Why VT900 G is best vehicle gps locator for a car? It should be our 3g car gps locator VT900 G, because is a vehicle locator mainly designed for vehicle location tracking and fleet management.

Why VT900 G is best vehicle gps locator for a car? The reasons are as follows:

  1. VT900 G vehicle gps tracker support full frequency band.

Support 2G 3G full frequency band, customers can insert any card that supports 2G or 3G frequency band to use in it, its very flexible.

  1. VT900 G vehicle location tracker supported many extended functions.

VT900 G vehicle locator has 3 inputs+2output+ 1 AD+ 1RS232, which can meet the functional requirements of most customers, such as SOS alarm, detection of door opening and closing status, detection of ACC status, overs peed alarm buzzer reminder, connect with relay to cut off the oil and electricity, connect to the fuel sensor to detect the fuel, and connects to RFID for driver identification, connect with temperature sensor for temperature monitoring, connect with CANBUS for easy install etc.

vehicle gps locator

  1. VT900 G vehicle gps locator working performance is quite stable, which has been proved by many government projects.

We have customized many government projects based on VT900 G car gps locator , such as the LTFRB project in the Philippines, which need vehicle gps locator supports sending data to two different servers, the customer’s own server, and the government’s server; such as the DLT project in Thailand , Use VT900 G gps tracker to access the entry card reader to read the driver’s driver’s license information, upload it to the government server, etc.

  1. VT900 G car gps locator can be customized with your own brand.

iStartek is flexible for OEM and ODM service, we can put your logo on device case freely, so you can market and build your own brand locally, which is a good way to build your own reputation.

Where there is a market where there is IStartek. According to some customers feedback, their local 3G network is slowly shutting down, such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and North American countries, so we developed 4g vehicle tracker. If you want to know more about our 2g 3G and 4G vehicle gps locator, welcome to contact us, we are dedicated in IoT devices developing and producing since 2009, we will offer complete solution for you.


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