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How Did Our Vehicle GPS Tracker Device and OBDII Decoder Works?

Organizations that manage fleets of vehicles are increasingly turning to IoT solutions to enable real-time management and monitoring across their entire fleet. Analysis of the data provided by IoT telematics product can provide valuable insights that can be used to improve operations efficiency, increase safety, and assist in maintaining regulatory compliance, today we will introduce you how did our vehicle gps tracker device and OBDii OBDII decoder works?

gps tracker

The following is an introduction to the OBDII decoder:

  1. Introduction: The automobile fault diagnosis instrument is a vehicle fault self-test terminal. The automobile fault diagnosis instrument (also known as the automobile OBDII decoder) is a portable intelligent automobile fault self-test instrument used to detect automobile faults. Users It can be used to quickly read faults in the car’s electronic control system, and display fault information through the LCD screen to quickly identify the location and cause of the fault.
  2. Main functions: Through CAN and LIN communication modules, it can realize dialogue with each electronic control device ECU in the vehicle and transmit fault codes and engine status information.Through the synchronous/asynchronous receiver-transmitter of the microcontroller, serial communication can be carried out with the PC to complete functions such as data exchange, downloading programs, and diagnostic instrument upgrades. The status data and fault information of the car’s operation are displayed through the LCD display. Different diagnostic functions are performed through the keyboard circuit. A large number of fault codes and their measurement data are saved through a large-capacity FLASH memory with a serial interface.


iStartek 4G+3G+2G vehicle gps tracker device VT200-L can connect to a OBDII decoder via it’s RS232 port, When connect device with OBD reader, a customized firmware is required. Reading various data of the car can be customized.For related parameter setting instructions, please refer to “iStartek GPS tracker Communication Protocol V1.8”.

The VT200-L car gps tracker device and OBDII decoder wiring connection is as follows:

VT200-L car gps tracker

After wire connection, we can set the tracker via Parameter or SMS command, as following:

parameter tracker

After setting the vehicle type, you can see the OBD decoder data in the uploaded car gps tracker device gprs data, for example:

&&|170,666666666666666,000,0,,210730034922,A,22.678570,114.046301,9,1.1,1,279,73,176,460|0|249F|00940457,27,0000001D,00,00 ,0498|01A1|0000|0000,1 ,,,85|42|69|123|63|70|91|230|38%D7

85 represents the engine speed, which means the engine speed is 85 rpm;

42 indicates engine load, representing 42% of engine load;

69 represents the intake air flow, which means the intake air flow is 69 gallons per second;

123 represents the intake pressure, which means the absolute pressure of the intake pipe is 123 kPa;

63 represents the intake air temperature, which means the intake air temperature is 63-40=23℃;

70 indicates the throttle position, which means the throttle position is at 70%;

91 represents the coolant temperature, which means the engine coolant is 91-40=51℃;

230 represents instantaneous fuel consumption, which means instantaneous fuel consumption is 23 liters/h;

38% indicates the fuel level, representing 38% of the remaining fuel.


It’s easily to manage your vehicle healthy, cause with our vehicle gps tracker device and directly collect your vehicles OBD/Canbus data and then upload to your own tracking software,  It is connected to the car-related interface through the data cable on the OBDII decoder, so as to conduct all-round body detection on the various systems of the car.

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