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A Chile Vehicle GPS Tracker Client Visited Our Company

He is a professional buyer with over 28 years of experiences in vehicle GPS tracker from Chile, who is also our best friend.

We get his inquiry for our VT600 2G vehicle GPS tracker, normally you will know if that client is professional than you in-vehicle GPS tracker field after you reading his email for a vehicle GPS tracker, and we know that he is professional. Following are some of his demands details: When no gsm signal will it continue recording until gsm recovery? 

 When no gsm signal will it continue recording until gsm recovery?

 If your GPS tracker send 1 second update time interval? 

 If your GPS tracker transfer data via UDP mode? 

 If your GPS tracker support LIFO?

 If your GPS tracker support OTA protocol or application to upgrade firmware over the air?

 If your vehicle GPS tracker support AD3 show voltage of external power supply?

 If your vehicle GPS tracker disconnect to Server for more than 60 minutes ( reboot unit ) but leave flash data tracking available to send when back online?

 To save space on blind area memory only store positions data when car moving, store new data for NOT MOVING for x seconds when the unit is…….

We get contacted and make discussion, The first thing is our hardware quality checking, he ordered and satisfied with 5pcs VT600 vehicle GPS tracker samples testing; The second thing is firmware customization, we did over 10 times firmware customizing and modifying; The last thing is our long term cooperation and friendship from here.

vehicle gps tracker

On 30th, Nov 2015, we have our first meeting in our factory, the meeting core is for further cooperation on Chile Bus Group customization case based on 3000+ pcs VT600 vehicle GPS tracker installation.

To commemorate our friendship and cooperation, I wrote this article for us.

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