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Built cooperation for mini gps tracker with Indian Client

We believe every supplier is a headache for Indian client since they always bargain with you for good price, best price, discount me etc, but my Indian client, he is same. Because he was looking for some mini GPS tracker products, then he found us.

We are a GPS tracker manufacturer in China for mini GPS tracker with 8 years experiences, he is from a professional mini GPS tracker company with over 10,000pcs demand, New Delhi, India. We know that the competition is very fierce in Indian. So in our first meeting, we directly recommended our lasted version VT202 mini GPS tracker which with moderate price and 3 years warranty, they tried to get some VT202 GPS tracker samples and made the first trial order as 100pcs in the second month.

mini gps tracker

After half a year later, it’s our second meeting, they got some query for GPS tracker sleep mod. On their server, if without upload data in 2minutes, it will disconnect socket for VT202 mini GPS tracker then the device will offline, that makes them worry about our product quality. We focus on his case and finding the reason in a few hours. The solution is easy, just setting heartbeat time interval to 1min.3g mini gps tracker

We build truth with each other during sample testing and after-sale service. Now we are in discussing the order of 500pcs-1000pcs VT202 mini GPS tracker and AIS140 device every month. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with him

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