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For most users, vehicle GPS tracking devices concealment is very important, so in order to improve the concealment and improve security protection, manufacturers will try to make the small tracking devices as small as possible. The smallest GPS locator doesn’t even have the size of a fingernail, and some have no outer casing. Only one chip is directly implanted into the car line. Such a small GPS locator, if it is better?

vehicle gps tracking devices

In fact, this needs to be chosen according to the needs of different customers. The smaller the GPS, the fewer features it can support (of course the basic positioning function is always there), the volume has become smaller, and the relative GPS chip area has shrunk. The cheap tracking devices may be just a copper wire, the components are crowded together, and the interference of components cannot be ignored, which directly affects the positioning accuracy.

cheap tracking devices

The ultra-small GPS locator shows that the built-in battery is very small. The small tracking devices work completely attached to the car’s power supply. Once the car’s power is cut off, the device can’t work. It is even worse to solder the chip directly into the car line, which may damage the car’s circuit, causing poor contact or even fire.

The same is true for personal vehicle GPS tracking devices, and the size of the GPS is affected by battery size and module size. Of course, the ultra-small size GPS locator is not completely without advantages. Its biggest advantage is concealment, and it is difficult for car thieves to find it.

personal vehicle gps tracking devices

For the positioner, the following factors are important:

(1)The quality of the GPS chip

(2)Built-in antenna and external antenna technology

(3)Professional level of equipment platform

(4)Product stability and accuracy

(5)After sales service

Therefore, the choice of GPS locator does not necessarily choose micro small tracking devices locator, mainly choose professional, quality products. Maybe in the future, When technology is more perfect, vehicle GPS tracking devices can also have high stability, accuracy, and functionality. That may be the trend of GPS in the future.

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