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A vehicle monitoring method and device. The vehicle monitoring device method includes the following steps: acquiring a preset communication distance, acquiring positioning information of a target vehicle, and acquiring electronic fence information preset for the target vehicle; according to the target vehicle, The positioning information and the electronic fence information determine whether the target vehicle monitoring device leaves the electronic fence, and if so, send out a warning message and find out the center of the target vehicle’s current location and the preset communication distance as the radius. All communication vehicles in a circular area, and the communication vehicle information of all the communication vehicles is shown, so that the owner of the target vehicle can find the target vehicle. The vehicle monitoring method of the present invention enables the owner of the stolen vehicle to clearly and clearly know the situation of the stolen vehicle through a map, and the stolen vehicle can be more conveniently monitored through the contact information of the communication vehicle monitoring device near the stolen vehicle.

mobile vehicle tracking device

About the vehicle locator device user detailed description:

 1. Collect monitoring data: The monitoring center obtains the vehicle’s complete vehicle status monitoring, battery status monitoring, and vehicle position monitoring from two aspects. On the one hand, the first communication subsystem collects real-time vehicle data from the vehicle-mounted terminal.

 2. Mobile vehicle tracking device control data: The control center sends the control data to the information acquisition module of the vehicle terminal through the first communication subsystem to control the vehicle terminal and the vehicle. The control data includes vehicle terminal reset, shutdown, remote upgrade, communication disconnection, etc., and vehicle door unlocking, warning and alarm information prompts.

vehicle locator device

 3. The extended application of the platform; in conjunction with the application of the vehicle operation management subsystem, it can provide statistical information such as the number of electric cars out of different regions and different road sections, and the state of the vehicle. Combined with the construction and use of charging stations.

 4. The vehicle tracking system devices remote monitoring system includes: a monitoring center, a vehicle terminal, and an industry sub-platform, which is characterized in that: the vehicle terminal is used to obtain electric vehicle related monitoring information in real time.

vehicle tracking system devices

The obtained vehicle monitoring device monitoring information is sent to a remote monitoring center Complete the monitoring center’s control commands on the vehicle terminal and the vehicle; the industry sub-platform is used to collect relevant real-time data in real time and send it to the monitoring center.

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