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When the GPS positioning system terminal is used for vehicle positioning through hardware and software, it is called a GPS vehicle tracking system.

GPS is an abbreviation for Global Positioning System. The basic principle of a Global Positioning System is to measure the distance between a satellite at a known location and a user receiver, and then combine the data of multiple satellites to know the specific location of the receiver.

But only positioning is not enough. We must also pass this positioning information to the alarm center or the car GPS positioning system holder. We call it a third party (SMS function or GPS tracker vehicle tracking system platform). Therefore, the GPS positioning system also includes GSM network communication (mobile communication), the satellite positioning information is sent to the third party through the GSM network by means of message, and the message is interpreted by the microcomputer to display the position of the vehicle on the electronic map, thus realizing the GPS vehicle tracking system.

gps tracker vehicle tracking system

At the same time, installing the corresponding detection sensor on the vehicle, and the GSM network communication function of the GPS tracking system for vehicles can also be used to send the burglar alarm information to the third party, or the alarm phone and the message can be directly sent to the owner’s mobile phone to complete the vehicle GPS burglar alarm.

gps based vehicle tracking system

It can be seen here that the GSM network part of the GPS based vehicle tracking system is actually like a smartphone, can communicate with the third party, and can also send the vehicle information to the third party, so the car GPS positioning is positioning, anti-theft, and anti-robbery.

gps tracking system for vehicles

GPS and electronic maps can be used to display the actual position of the vehicle in real-time, and can be arbitrarily enlarged, reduced, restored, and changed; can be moved with the target to keep the target on the screen; multi-window, multi-vehicle, multi-screen Track at the same time. Use this feature to track and transport important vehicles and cargo.

After more than 20 years of practice, the GPS system is a high-precision, all-weather and global multi-function system for radio navigation, positioning and timing. The GPS technology has developed into an international high-tech industry with multi-domain, multi-mode, multi-purpose and multi-model.

GPS vehicle tracking system GPS is one of the most pioneering high-tech developments since the 21st century. It’s global, versatile, all-weather navigation and positioning, timing and speed measurement advantages will inevitably more and more become a wide range of applications in many fields.

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