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As we know 3g vehicle GPS tracker can send data to a mobile app or web-based tracking platform by using the GSM/3G network. So when you reading this title you may be curious and ask why need 3g vehicle GPS tracker share location information to tablet via USB Cable? Yes, its customization demand from one of our clients.

Below is the requirement details for 3g vehicle GPS tracker:

Can 3g vehicle GPS tracker share location information to tablet via USB Cable? Since the tablet on the bus has a billing system that computes how much to deduct from a passengers load in his account based on distance traveled, so if a passenger got on the bus at point A and traveled 5km, X amount will be deducted from his account, so they need to know how many Kilometers traveled.  

After getting above demand for 3g vehicle GPS tracker from our client, we confirmed a few questions then have a ready solution:

Install the serial port-USB driver according to the tablet system, connect with the serial port-USB cable, VT900 3g vehicle GPS tracker send data to the tablet computer per 1 second according to the Protocol. Our tracking device GPS vehicle GPS tracker uploads GPRMC information to the tablet per 1 second, the tablet analyzes the data by itself. To meet this demand just need to load a new firmware for VT900 3g vehicle GPS tracker, this can be easily achieved by remotely firmware upgrade, no need any hardware change.

Above is one of the customization projects from our client for a global vehicle GPS tracker, If you have any other function demand, please let us know freely, iStartek will have a suit solution for you. iStartek has rich experience in OEM &ODM Projects, such as:

iStartek customize VT900 T 3g vehicle GPS tracker to read driver license data as per Thailand government DLT project demand

iStartek customizes traker car vehicle GPS tracker to send data to 2 different servers as per the Philippines government LTFRB Project demand.

3g vehicle gps tracker

iStartek customizes 3g vehicle GPS tracker to upload data every 1s as per Chile client bus group demand etc.

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