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Previously where the cattle, sheep, and horses eat grass, the herdsmen follow grazing in the traditional way of riding a motorcycle or riding a horse. Even on a rainy or snowy day, you must follow the cattle, sheep, and horses for dozens of kilometers on the deserted wild mountains and ridges. Sometimes the cattle and sheep and horses run very far in the bad weather. Looking for cattle and sheep. The cattle and sheep and horses are the main property of the herdsmen and the largest source of income in the family. The loss of cattle and sheep and horses is more than 10,000, and the losses are very heavy. To deal with such an issue, iStartek GPS animal tracker will solve it.

gps animal tracker

Features of GPS animal tracker:

  1. Real GPS animal tracker has precise real-time positioning: Open the mobile phone software to view the real-time position of cattle, sheep, and horses, with an accuracy of about 5 meters.
  2. GPS animal tracker supports GSM+GPS+Beidou location.

GPS animal tracker of the cattle and sheep collars uses the Beidou satellite, the positioning is successful in 3 seconds, and the mobile phone can check the real-time position of the cattle and sheep at any time.

3. Animal tracker has geo function, reasonably manage the range of activities of cattle, sheep, and horses.

  1. GPS animal tracker support historical track query function, you can check the track of cattle, sheep, and horses at any time.
  2. GPS animal tracker support longtime standby and working, Real-time standby for 30 days after charging once, positioning once a day, the longest standby-time is 300 days
  3. Long-distance animal tracker supports low battery automatic alarm.

So you no need to looking for your animals everywhere, you can know the location of cattle and sheep by using your mobile phone without leaving home. If you want to track your cattle or sheep easily, please contact with us now, we will show you more details about GPS animal tracker. Besides GPS animal tracker, we also have a 2g/3g/4g vehicle tracker, motorcycle tracker, personal tracker, etc. Who we are? We are Shenzhen iStartek Technology Co., Ltd, which is IoT devices manufacturer in China since 2009, the main product is GPS Tracker and WIFI Router, with flexible OEM and ODM service. Let’s achieve our goal together!

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