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Why does gps asset tracker need NB-IoT communication technology?

As long as you observe patiently, the needs of people and asset location tracking in life have become ubiquitous. In addition to the location management of shared bicycles such as ofo, Mobike, etc. all over the streets, we can often see various dog and cat hunting notices. If you put a small GPS asset tracker on your pet, is the probability of losing a connection event much smaller? Do you often lose your backpack and suitcase on the road and in a taxi? If you place a small GPS asset tracker on these objects and people, your life is Wouldn’t it be more comfortable?

With the in-depth development of informatization and various intelligent terminal devices, the demand for GPS asset trackers will continue to heat up. The applications in the location service field are also fragmented. Different application scenarios have different requirements for our positioning technology and communication technology. In different application scenarios, the GPS asset tracker has the following requirements for communication technology:

  1. Low power consumption, small size
  2. Wide coverage
  3. Low cost

Most asset trackers in today’s wide-area communication technology are based on GSM, UMTS, or LTE, and power consumption is a big issue. And these networks and chips are customized products for mobile phone applications. The application of mobile phones has tended to be more high-speed and high-bandwidth. The result is high power consumption, large chip area, high cost, and relatively low coverage. This technology happens to be contrary to the needs of positioning trackers. Therefore, most of the magnetic asset trackers still use GSM, and the technology of GSM is quite backward, which results in poor product experience of GPS asset tracker. The birth of NB-IoT technology and its inherent low power consumption and deep coverage properties just make up for many of the shortcomings of traditional communication technology, which can be used in a GPS asset tracker whether it is in a hidden indoor area or an outdoor area.

gps asset tracker

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