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What is the difference between gps car tracker positioning and mobile phone GPS tracker positioning?

What are the differences between GPS car tracker positioning and mobile phone GPS tracker positioning?

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GPS car tracker and mobile phone GPS tracker positioning are essentially the same. They are both located by GPS modules and GPS systems. GPS car tracker and mobile phone GPS tracker positioning do not need to be located in traffic, and the signal strength is also different, mobile phone tracker needs to turn on traffic or wireless to locate, but car GPS does not need. The working principle of vehicle GPS car tracker is that the GPS module receives the satellite signal, and then combines it with the electronic map in the memory and displays it on the electronic map. The set position is the position of your vehicle.

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The mobile phone GPS tracker positioning principle is similar to the tracking GPS car tracker principle. If the mobile phone GPS tracker positioning function is turned on, the GPS module in the mobile phone can be used to receive satellite signals. The difference is that the merchant will update the content of the electronic map in real-time, so the user does not need to download and Set up so that the map can be displayed correctly without the Internet. The online maps commonly used in mobile phones need to be downloaded online and then displayed. If mobile phone GPS trackers not connected to the network, they cannot be displayed.

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In fact, as long as the offline navigation data is downloaded in advance, the mobile phone can achieve the same effect. The mobile phone tracker positioning signal is greatly affected by the environment, but the GPS car tracker signal is relatively stable. This is because the two antennas have different structures. We know that the mobile phone is very small. Therefore, its antenna will have less contrast, resulting in a huge loss of signal. The internal devices are closely grouped together. The antenna signal will be interfered with by mobile phones, cameras, memory, etc. In addition, sometimes users hold the mobile phone, the antenna will be blocked, so the GPS of the mobile phone the tracker signal is very poor and unstable. The GPS space of the GPS car tracker is naturally much larger. The antenna is not a type, so the experience is better. In addition, the GPS car tracker of the car is the front car navigation or the navigation equipment outside the roof. The signal effect Double strengthens.

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Therefore, the engine immobilizer GPS car tracker GPS signal is strong, the satellite reception signal is stable, and multiple functions such as engine immobilizer, fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring, speeding alarm, etc. It is popular with GPS car tracker for vehicle car using.

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