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Hello, everyone who reads this article. I am Nube and I am from iStartek. I am glad to meet you. “Quality is our culture”.
Shenzhen iStartek Technology company is a professional manufacturer of 4G/3G/2G/NB/Lora 4G vehicle GPS tracker and 4G wireless routers since 2015 in China.

iStartek is ISO9000 approved factory, offering 3 years quality warranty, with a 1% lower defective rate and rich government project experience, such as NBTC, LTFRB, AIS140, etc.

At the end of the year, major companies are looking for new products to do equipment work for the new year. They want to give their customers more choices, and at the same time use new products to attract more new customers and gain more market share.

A technology company like us, which is a development type, collects customer requirements for GPS trackers and wireless routers every day, aggregates them together, and studies them all the time, developing new products according to customer needs, in order to achieve a win-win situation. !

Product development is our most important task; solving customer questions is our priority service; customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim.

This month iStartek launched the latest 2G/4g vehicle GPS tracker, model VT100/VT100-L.

Of course, our old product 4G vehicle GPS tracker for vehicles, like the VT600 series, VT900 series, and VT200 series are already very mature products. It has been recognized and appreciated by customers.

Customers who need fleet management, multi-functional equipment requirements, and do not require equipment size can choose our above several equipments.

VT100 is a 2G device, suitable for those markets where there is also a 2G network and low-cost equipment are needed.

VT100-L is a 4G device, suitable for countries where 4G networks have begun to cover all and 2G networks have begun to close.

4g tracker

Our VT100-L supports the following features:

  1. Support 4G/2G Network
  2. GPS +BD2 (GLONASS Optional)
  3. 9-100V Power Supply
  4. IP66 Waterproof
  5. SOS Alarm
  6. Support Listen-in (Optional)
  7. Remote cut-off (Petrol/Power)
  8. Fuel Monitoring(Optional)
  9. Driver Behavior Monitoring

10 Inbuilt 3D Accelerameter

  1. 16MB Memory for Blind Area
  2. Low Fuel and Fuel Theft Alarm
  3. Impact / Idle / Tow / Fatigue Driving Alarm
  4. Support Dual Servers
  5. Support FOTA
  6. 2 Inputs+1 Output+1 Mic+1 USB Port, 2 AD Optional, 1RS232 Customizable

4g gps tracker

Optional accessories are:


》USB Cable


》Pin Switch

》Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

》Capacitive Fuel Sensor


》OBD Decoder

The VT100 2G 4G vehicle GPS tracker for vehicles is more suitable for motorcycles, electric bicycles, and electric skateboards. It is small in size, easy to install, and not easy to find. If you want to use it for fleet management, you can set up driver monitoring behavior. If you want to know more about iStartek products, you can check it on our official website: or send an email to: [email protected]. Thank you for reading. Grateful.

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