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What the difference between Beidou personal locator and car GPS locator? 

The main difference between the Beidou personal locator and the car GPS locator including 3 parts:

1. Positioning accuracy: The positioning accuracy of the Beidou personal locator mainly depends on the accuracy of the Beidou positioning system and the satellite signal strength. At present, the positioning accuracy of the Beidou positioning system is in the meter level, between 6-10 meters, while the positioning accuracy of car GPS locator mainly depends on the accuracy and signal of the GPS locator system. The GPS positioning accuracy is 10 – 50 meters. Generally, the positioning of the company will maintain the accuracy of about 10 meters, but there is a certain error due to the influence of the signal. This is a normal phenomenon, which is not guaranteed. The accuracy of the GPS locator is maintained at about 10 meters, or it is maintained from high-grade materials such as positioning modules, chips, and circuits!

2. A number of users: Because Beidou personal locator uses an active two-way ranging response system, the locator and the Beidou satellite must not only receive the inquiry information from the ground control center but also transmit the response information like the satellite. Therefore, the number of Beidou personal locator users may be limited; and the GPS positioning system uses a one-way ranging system, and the positioner can only achieve positioning by receiving satellite signals. Therefore, the number of users of the GPS positioning system can be unlimited, but there is no need to worry too much about the restrictions of the users of the Beidou. Since the Beidou system is a system that was born to “sniper” the GPS system, then with the development of the Beidou, These questions will not be the problems!

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3. Coverage Area: Beidou personal locator uses Beidou to locate. Beidou is a satellite positioning system that developed by China itself. Its coverage has expanded from the original “China native” to “the whole Southeast Asia” field; GPS locator uses GPS for positioning, GPS It is a satellite positioning system independently that developed by the United States, and its coverage has covered the whole world in the early years.

Beidou positioning system

4. GPS and Beidou each have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, in some parts of the country, the GPS signal is weak or some special areas such as the military area are likely to be shielded. At this time, the role of the Beidou can be greatly demonstrated. Beidou’s civil service accuracy is 10 meters, while the new generation of chips has been upgraded to 2.5 meters, and the accuracy of the Beidou in the sea is increased to 3 cm, greatly exceeding the civilian accuracy of 5 to 10 meters of GPS. Of course, the current Beidou also has weaknesses. Only 16 satellites can only locate Southeast Asia. In comparison, GPS is an all-weather satellite positioning system covering the whole world. It can ensure that 6~9 satellites can be observed at any time and place on the earth (up to 11 can be observed in practical applications).

GPS positioning accuracy

4. All in all, The Beidou satellitewant to get rid the shortcomings of previous Beidou personal locator that can’t get the exact location in a special area when using GPS positioning, to meet the needs of Asian users to maximize the positioning. The Beidou satellite positioning system has become increasingly full-fledged with the support of the state. Together with GPS, the day that brings the highest positioning experience to the global people has to be said to be just around the corner!

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