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How to choose a home wireless router suitable for your family?

Everyone will have their own wireless network in the home, the construction of the wireless network will definitely need the support of the router. So It has become a problem that How to choose a home wireless router suitable for your family? Next, iStartek will share with you the purchase of the router.

1. Ability to penetrate the wall

The ability to penetrate the wall is directly related to the wireless power of the home wireless router and the antenna gain. Generally speaking, the 2.4G frequency band is better to penetrate the wall than the 5G frequency band. Because 5G frequency band is poorly worn through the wall. The stronger the wireless transmit power of the home wireless router, the greater the signal strength (the better the wall penetration capability). At present, the indoor transmitting power of the home wireless router generally does not exceed 20 dBm. The higher the transmitting power of the home wireless router, the higher the signal strength, but exceeding the specified range will cause large electromagnetic radiation and interference.

home wireless router

2. Operating setup

In this regard, the iStartek smart home wireless router is better, the setting of big brands is relatively simple, the thinking of the Internet, from my point of view, the traditional routing brand has also followed up to make changes, the new production models, setting the UI are relatively simple and practical.

3. The router needs to match the broadband in the home

Most users will automatically ignore whether the home wireless router matches the bandwidth in the home when selecting the route. Now the mainstream routers are 300M. In theory, broadband below 100 megabytes can be competent. In real life, 50 megabits of broadband can be used for such a route, but if the home is 100 megabits of broadband, it is recommended that you upgrade to Gigabit routing if there are conditions, because the combination of 100 Mbps and 100 Mbps broadband will form a full load on the network speed.

300mbps wifi router

4. To buy it according to the size of the house size 

The size of the house determines the home wireless router that needs to buy a large coverage area. It is decided that you need to buy a router with several antennas. Although the number of antennas does not indicate the coverage, there are still some routers on the market. It really has certain Reference value. I suggested that if the house is a one-bedroom, two-antenna router can basically get it, the two-room one-bedroom and above three antennas can basically get it.

router wifi 4g with sim card

5, Choose an iStartek brand, refuse the fake brand

When purchasing a home wireless router, I remind everyone to pay attention to the wireless routing brand, don’t be confused by the low price of the fake brand, buy a fake product, you can not enjoy the wonderful wireless life, because it has a lot of quality problems. and returns are difficult to guarantee. In addition, Startrack Technology Co., Limited founded in 2009, dedicates to bringing reliable IoT products (mainly in motorcycle GPS tracker and car tracking device) and customized solutions to clients across the world, based on GPS Tracking/monitoring, fleet management, and 4G wireless internet access.

The above is the purchase technique of the home wireless router that I have arranged for everyone. I hope everyone can buy a satisfactory product and enjoy wireless life better!

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