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    V518 24v Car Wifi Router

    24v car wifi router

    Product Description:

    V518 24v car wifi router With the advanced 4G LTE technology, what you need is to insert relevant SIM card, then you can transmit 3G/4G signal to wifi dignal and, there are Internet access wired a variety of ways. iStartek 24v car wifi router applies a variety of application environment and provides network connections and data for industrial application. 


    3G 4G Signal To Lan   3G/4G Signal To Lan

    Insert relevant SIM card, then you can transmit the 3G/4G signal to Lan

      3G 4G Signal to WIFI Signal   3G/4G Signal to WIFI Signal 

    Insert relevant SIM card, then you can transmit 3G/4G signal to wifi signal

    Hardware Watch Dog Design support   Hardware WatchDog Design Support

    Support anticrash functions. Protect equipment work stable and reliable

      Worldwide 3G 4G Frequency   Worldwide 3G/4G Frequency

    Customizable 3G/4G bands for a worldwide market

    Support VPN   Support VPN

    VPN, VPDN, PPTP Client, L2TP Client

      Cloud Unified Management   Cloud Unified Management

    Cloud unified management, control, auto-update, advertising management

    Industry Grade Hardware Design   Industry Grade Hardware Design

    Industry grade hardware design keeps device stable working at harsh working conditions

      Support 32Max Terminal Customers   Support 32Max Terminal Customers

    In 300mbps wifi mode, you can connect up to 32 users or terminals at the same time


    WIFI parameter
    Basic parameter WIFI switch           SSID broadcast switch
    single frequency: 2.4GHZ
    channel  1  –  13
    Wireless mode:11b/g/n/,11bg mixed(Def)
    User quantities Wire 254 or Wireless 30
    Security parameter WAP-PSK/WPA2-PSK
    64/128 bit WEP encryption    TKIP, CCMP/AES  encryption algorithm
    Transmission distance Coverage up to about 200m (no obstructions outdoor)


    Interface parameter
    WAN port 1 x 10/100M is the  self adjustive of WAN port    (built-in isolation)
    Auto MDI / MDIX         PPPoE
    LAN  port 1 x 10/100M is the  self adjustive of LAN port  (bulit-in 1.5 KV electromagnetic isolation protection)
    Auto MDI / MDIX
    Serial port 1
    Power interface Standard DC interfaces
    Antenna interface 3 ×antenna interface     standard  SMA antenna interface
    Indicator lights 4
    SIM card port 1


    System parameter
    CPU Using industrial – grade high-performance embedded MIPS CPU  at up to 580MHz
    MMU CPU with MMU Memory Management Unit, which can effectively prevent a memory leak caused by a system exception
    FLASH 64 Mbits (memory)
    DDR2 1024Mbits  (cache)
    Project T7628


    Another parameter
    Power 9V/12 V   1.0A-2.0A
    Shell Metal, Antijam, Lighting protection, Shell and system security isolation to adapt to harsh environment
    Product size 82mm x 66mm x 26mm
    Packing size 250mm x 170mm x 75mm
    Weight 130g (590g)
    Operating temperature -30℃ ~ +70℃
    Storage temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
    Humidity 95ρw(no condensation)
    Technical Support: Magic Lamp