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    V520 Car Router Wifi 3G 4G Wireless

    car router wifi 3g 4g wireless

    Product Description:

    V520 car router wifi 3g 4g wireless With the advanced 4G LTE technology, what you need is to insert relevant SIM card, then you can transmit 3G/4G signal to wifi dignal and, there are Internet access wired a variety of ways. it applies a variety of application environment provides network connections and data for industrial application. Application Electronics, Oil industry, Mineral, Finance, Communication, Public security, Heating, Industrial control, Meteorology, Water conservancy, Public transportation , Local council and so on.


    3G 4G Signal To Lan   3G/4G Signal To Lan

    Insert relevant SIM card, then you can transmit the 3G/4G signal to Lan

      3G 4G Signal to WIFI Signal   3G/4G Signal to WIFI Signal 

    Insert relevant SIM card, then you can transmit 3G/4G signal to wifi signal

    Hardware Watch Dog Design support   Hardware WatchDog Design Support

    Support anticrash functions. Protect equipment work stable and reliable

      Worldwide 3G 4G Frequency   Worldwide 3G/4G Frequency

    Customizable 3G/4G bands for a worldwide market

    Support VPN   Support VPN

    VPN, VPDN, PPTP Client, L2TP Client

      4 High Gain Antennas   Support Multiple Interfaces

    Add UART port, GPIO port, and micro USB port, multi-interface to meet your different needs

    Industry Grade Hardware Design   Industry Grade Hardware Design

    Industry grade hardware design keeps device stable working at harsh working conditions

      Wide Voltage   Wide Voltage 

    Wide voltage power supply for home use(charging by 110v/220v adaptor) and for the vehicle using 7-35v power supply optional)


    WIFI parameter
    Basic parameter WIFI switch           SSID proadcast switch
    dual frequency :2.4GHz   5GHz (customize)
    2.4GHz 5GHz
    channel  1  –  13 channel 149 ,153 ,157 ,161 ,165
    Wireless mode:11b/g/n/,11bg mixed(Def) 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
    Speed:300Mbps(Max) 866Mbps(Max)
    User quantities Wire 254 or Wireless 30
    Security parameter WAP-PSK/WPA2-PSK
    64/128 bit WEP encrytion    TKIP,CCMP/AES  encrytion algorihm
    Stranmission distance Coverage up to about 200m (no obstructions outdoor)


    Interface parameter
    WAN port 1 x 10/100M is the  self adjustive of WAN port    (built-in isolation)
    Auto MDI / MDIX         PPPoE
    LAN  port 3 x 10/100M is the  self adjustive of LAN port  (built-in 1.5 KV electromagnetic isolation protection)
    Auto MDI / MDIX
    Serial port 2   Hartl used as to be Console
    USB port 1xUSB 2.0 port  used to be Extended Memory   or 3G/4G USB  network card
    Micro USB 1
    TF card port 1    Located in the product base
    Power interface Standard DC interfaces
    Antenna interface 4 ×antenna interface     standard  SMA antenna interface
    Indicator lights 10
    SIM card port 1 Located in the product base


    GPS parameter(For a custom project, please contact customer service)
    GPS module  industrial  GPS wireless module       Navigation data update rate: 5Hz/s
    The global positing system: 50 channels of frequency   L1
    Receiver type 1.023 Mhz chip rate     C/A code 1.023 Mhz chip rate
    support SBAS : WAAS  ,EGNOS,MSAS      compatible   GALILEO
    accuracy of position fixing Position: 2.5m  CPE SBAS: 2.0 m    CPE
    Speed Accuracy <0.01 m/s              <0.01° (heading)  50m/s
    Time  Accuracy Sync GPS time of 1 microsecond
    Input information NMEA    SIRF binary     height /position /date / time
    output information NMEA-0183 , SIRF  binary   ,GGA ,  GSA , GSV ,RMC , VTG  ,GLL
    Pulse output 1 PPS accuracy  ±1 us   (microsecond)
    Pull-in time cold starting :27s    A-GPS : <3s     hot starting : <1s
    Sensibility NMEA-1083, SIRD binary
    Data format tracking : -162dBm   cold starting :-147dBm  hot starting : -156dBm


    System parameter
    CPU Using industrial-grade high-performance embedded MIPS CPU  at up to 580MHz
    MMU CPU with MMU Memory Management Unit, which can effectively prevent a memory leak caused by a system exception
    FLASH 64 Mbits (memory)
    DDR2 1024Mbits  (cache)
    TF card 64G TF card  (Non-standard )


    Another parameter
    Power supply voltage Wide voltage DC 7V – DC 35V built-in Reverse power protection, overvoltage, and overcurrent protection
    Power  9V/12 V   1.0A-2.0A
    Shell Metal, Antijam, Lighting protection, Shell and system security isolation to adapt to the harsh environment
    Product size 117mm x 112mm x 27mm
    Packing size 250mm x 170mm x 75mm
    Weight 435g
    Operating temperature -30℃ ~ +70℃
    Storage temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
    Humidity 95ρw(no condensation)


    Technical Support: Magic Lamp