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Can sanitation vehicles be installed GPS locator device to improve urban cleaning capacity?

What vehicles are generally installed on GPS locator device? Certainly many people will say private cars, car rentals, private car utilities, vehicle management, etc. Then Have you ever see the GPS locators installed on the sanitation vehicles? The next message is about the GPS locator device installed on the sanitation vehicles.

In order to improve the power of sanitation work and strengthen the emergency response of environmental emergencies, Harbin City has recently installed and deployed the GPS locator device command system on 500 first-line cleaning and cleaning vehicles in the main city, and further change the manpower dispatching into digital processing.

The reporter learned from the Harbin City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Management Unit that the city uses the digital processing channels of the city to handle the command center. The main points are the real-time monitoring of the sanitation work vehicles equipped with the GPS locator device supervision and positioning system, providing accurate information at any time. The city has no main soil and product. The emergency handling time of road accidents such as rain and snow, roads and other roads will be greatly shortened. In the future, this system will be used in the first-line vehicles of garden management, beautification, and law.

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According to the newly introduced “Harbin City Environmental Sanitation Work Vehicle GPS locator device Command and Control System for Checking Methods”, after the vehicle GPS positioning system, the city-level urban management department will also check the time of the sanitation vehicles in each district, whether it is in accordance with the standard road work, etc. The status is linked to the funding allocation and qualified to pay.

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