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What are the advantages and disadvantages of personal locator?

Personal locator is nothing new at the moment. It can be as large as the car rental industry, as small as a personal wearable device, and GPS can be seen everywhere. Is GPS popular in life?

Can the personal locator retrieve the phone?

In this GPS locator area for almost five years, we often meet some customers when asking for “whether personal locator can help find a mobile phone”. The first step is to determine whether our phone’s GPS is turned on. Secondly, the recovery of the mobile phone through the built-in GPS of the mobile phone is only applicable to the standby mode of the mobile phone. Once the phone is turned off and the traffic feature is not enabled, the phone cannot be located. ! Therefore, it is unrealistic to recover lost phones in this way.

GPS locator

Is GPS locator wear really amazing and can accurately locate a location?

personal locator users are mainly suitable for elderly and children’s products. Just like watch locator, phone locator, and multi-function crutch locator. But is it really accurate? The reality is not as accurate as you think. However, when children or elderly people are lost in the shopping mall, the location provided by the GPS locator is typically based on the location of the base station because there is no GPS signal in the room.

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This does not mean that these GPS personal locator products are useless. Although the accuracy is less than 100%, you can still know the approximate location. In addition to the personal locator of the base station and wifi positioning, there are some products. In this way, the positioning accuracy in the mall can be improved a lot.

gps personal locator

What are the disadvantages of personal locator?

1. Personal locator GPS can not be 100% positioning, indoor positioning is more inaccurate. GPS can also be affected by many aspects, including buildings, viaducts, radio waves, and more. In general, the more accurate the GPS positioning, the more positioning.

2. The personal locator will be affected by the state of the sky. Do not use GPS once or twice or one or two days to determine the quality of the GPS. Since the state of the sky satellite is changing every day, it may be the same place, the morning signal is full, but it cannot be located at night. It can’t be located even for a few days.

3. The personal locator can not be positioned indoor. Since GPS is a direct signal from receiving satellites, GPS cannot be used indoors.

4. GPS instruments are different, the personal locator effect may be different.

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