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The car GPS locator, such as the size of the cigarette case, can be installed in a very concealed place, and the GPS antenna does not need to be placed outside, because it uses the fourth generation module of super-strength reception, so it can be placed in a relatively hidden place in the car. The internal components of the mainframe are all imported industrial grade materials. The core GSM module is the Siemens brand of Germany, the GPS module is HOLUX SIRF III, the core MCU is the most stable PIC, and the other IC components are the German TI company.

Function introduction (car GPS locator iStartek VT206 as an example)

1. illegal driving alarm

When the owner identifier is not in the car, if the vehicle is activated, the terminal sends an alarm message to the platform and the administrator’s mobile phone, and then enters the tracking mode.

car GPS locator    

2. Vehicle tracking

When driving illegally, the terminal continuously reports the real-time latitude, longitude, speed, direction and other information of the vehicle to the positioning platform according to the set time interval.


3. Release the alarm

The car GPS locator device positioner reset operation presses the release alarm reset button, the anti-theft device automatically cancels the alarm state, resets the reset, and starts to re-arm after 10 seconds.

4. Track playback

On the platform, you can query the trajectory of the vehicle


5. Voice monitoring

When an alarm occurs, the owner number can perform remote voice monitoring on the vehicle.

6. Low battery alarm

When the car GPS locator device backup battery is too low, an SMS reminder will be sent to the owner number.

7. Equipment self-test

Press and hold the information query button for 4 seconds, the terminal sends the current device ID, the owner number, the remaining power, and the ID of the identifier to the owner number.

8. Intelligent power-saving mode

The optimization algorithm allows the device to operate at ultra-low power consumption, enabling the device to operate normally for more than 2 months.

9. Traffic problems

First, look for the monitor, ask how to recharge the mobile phone traffic in a month, the second is to open the car GPS locator, there is a mobile phone card, take out in the phone, see if it is mobile or Unicom, like ordinary mobile phone card Just recharge it.

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