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Hello everyone, this is Allen from iStartek, we are a 2G 3G 4G GPS Tracker manufacturers in China since 2015. Recently there are many clients asked about How iStartek VT200 L car GPS trackers work with OBD Reader, in this article you will find the answer.

VT200 Lis is a type of GPS tracker that has an RS232 Port, which we can use to connect with a Camera, RFID, MSR, Ultrasonic fuel sensor and OBD Reader, etc, now we will mainly introduce how iStartek VT200 Car GPS trackers work with OBD Reader.

  1. What protocol is supported by iStartek VT200 L car GPS trackers with OBD Reader?

VT200 L car GPS trackers with OBD Reader can be used for vehicles that used standard OBD II Protocol or J1939 Protocol.

  1. How to make iStartek VT200 L car GPS tracker with OBD Reader?
    • Wire connection 

car gps trackers

2.2 Set iStartek VT200 L car GPS trackers serial port to connect to OBD Decoder through the parameter configuration software or SMS command:

①.Set by iStartek Parameter Editor software: choose“OBD Decoder”

iStartek car gps trackers

②.Set by SMS command: 0000,252,1,2

2.3 After configuring the RS232 port for VT200 L vehicle GPS trackers, you can set the vehicle type through iStartek Parameter Editor or SMS (the OBDII protocol may be different for each vehicle. If VT200 L vehicle GPS trackers failed to read data from OBD Reader, the corresponding vehicle code needs to be set. But when it is used in the car with the J1939 protocol, no setting is required.)

①.Select the corresponding vehicle type in iStartek PARAMETER EDITOR

car gps trackers VT200

②.Set by SMS command 270, for example, if the vehicle type is a standard type, you can send:


  1. If connect iStartek VT200 L car GPS tracker with OBD Reader what data we can get?

RPM, ENGINE_LOAD, MAF_FLOW, INTAKE_PRESSURE, INTAKE_TEMP, THROTTLE, COOLANT_TEMP, INSTANT_FUEL, FUEL_LEVEL. Some cars may not be able to read certain data, then it is empty.

VT200 L car gps trackers Data Example:



85: RPM, which means that the engine speed is 85 revolutions per minute;

42: ENGINE_LOAD, which represents 42% of the engine load;

69: MAF_FLOW, which represents the intake air flow of 69 gallons per second;

123: INTAKE_PRESSURE, which represents the absolute pressure of the inlet pipe of 123 kPa;

63: INTAKE_TEMP, representing the intake air temperature 63-40=23℃;

70: THROTTLE, which means that the throttle position is at 70%;

91: COOLANT_TEMP, representing the engine coolant 91-40=51℃;

230: INSTANT_FUEL, which represents the instantaneous fuel consumption of 23 liters/h;

38% : FUEL_LEVEL, which represents the remaining 38% fuel volume.

If you have any queries about iStartek car GPS trackers welcome to contact us freely.

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