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How to use car motorcycle gps tracker with fuel sensor on GPS-SERVER?

Hello everyone, this is Allen working on iStartek, which is a professional factory for 2G 3G 4G GPS Tracker since 2015, recently we are supporting one Côte d’Ivoire client test car motorcycle gps tracker VT100 on GPS-SERVER, below are the steps:

  1. When use VT100 car motorcycle gps tracker INPUT2 as Analogy input2, we need to set as below on car motorcycle gps tracker Parameter editor or via SMS Command.

car motorcycle gps tracker

  1. Connect car motorcycle gps trackerVT100 with Ultrasonic fuel sensoor correctly. (car motorcycle gps tracker VT100 INPUT2 is Orange wire, so below we use car motorcycle gps tracker VT100 Orange wire to connect with Ultrasonic fuel sensor Green Wire)

car motorcycle gps

  1. When do the car motorcycle gps tracker VT100 simulation test in office, we can use a A bottle of mineral water, put some coupling agent on fuel sensor probe, then put as below:

car gps tracker

  1. Check Ultrasonic fuel sensor data on Mobile APP via Bluetooth

Once open APP, click the left corner as we marked, then click connect, finally go back to check status page, it shows firmware version, Realtime Height, smooth height etc.

If we checked Realtime Height, smooth height and the actual liquid are almost the same, then it is ok.

istartek gps device

  1. Do car motorcycle gps trackerVT100 seItings on GPS-SERVER platform to show balance fuel in liter or percentage.

fuel tracking


  1. To show balance fuel in liter we need to set as below

Example 1: Fuel tank

Different places Inside of the fuel tank may be wider or narrower and to get more accurate data you should use calibration.

vehicle tracking

In order to perform a more precise measurement of fuel tank, it is necessary to measure fuel tank sensor voltage width different fuel level. The system allows you to set up to 50 points, the more points you specify, the more accurate readings you will get.

Example of fuel sensor results:

  • Empty tank – 2 volts
  • 5 liters tank – 3 volts
  • 15 liters – 5 volts

Follow these steps to enter data correctly:

  • Choose sensor type: Fuel level
  • Choose result type: Value
  • Enter units of measurement: liters or gallons
  • In calibration X field: 2
  • In calibration Y field: 0
  • Click add button
  • In calibration X field: 3
  • In calibration Y field: 5
  • In calibration X field: 5
  • In calibration Y field: 15
  • Save sensor

Above voltage we can check car motorcycle gps tracker VT100 data on comm tool , in below car motorcycle gps tracker data 0022 is the fuel data, change 0024 from hex to dec is 35, so Analogy input 2 voltage=35/100=0.34V


So when the fuel tank fuel increased the analogy input2 voltage changes.We put different level fuel on the fuel tank then we get different analogy input2 voltage, then fill in below calibration.

  • Check balance fuel in liter as below:
  1. To show balance fuel in percentage we need to set as below:

7.1 Check balance fuel in percentage as below:

fuel monitor gps

Thanks for your watching, if you have any query for car motorcycle gps tracker VT100, welcome to contact us freely.

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