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If you want to buy tracking device for car, in our common car tracking device, there is a GPS antenna that can receive radio signals from high-altitude satellites, and solve the latitude and longitude of the antenna position through complex processing to achieve positioning. With the development of science and technology, there are more and more types of GPS antennas. So where should the GPS antenna be installed?

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Here are some GPS antenna installation locations of location tracking device for cars:

(1)Installed in the A and B columns: the support columns on the left and right sides of the front windshield are called A and B columns in China. If the GPS antennas are installed in the A and B columns, the cables are hidden and the antennas are not visible so that the signal receiving surface of the antenna cannot face the sky, and can only receive reflected signals, cause the signal attenuation is large and the stability is poor. If there is an airbag in the A and B columns, once the airbag bursts out, the GPS antenna will be ejected at high speed, which may cause injury to personnel.

(2)Installed in the water tank below the windshield of the car: the signal receiving surface of the GPS antenna can face the sky, and no obstruction, the signal receiving is relatively strong, but the outdoor sun and rain, the GPS antenna is easy to damage, in addition, the wiring is also compared Difficulties, improper handling may introduce rainwater from the outside of the car into the car.

(3)If installed on the surface of the instrument panel, the GPS antenna signal of car tracking device receiving surface can face the sky, and the receiving signal is strong, but not beautiful enough, if the glass film is attached, the film facing the antenna portion should be opened.

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(4)Installed on the front windshield: the antenna signal receiving surface can be basically facing the sky, the signal is strong and stable, the wiring can be concealed, it should also be noted that if the glass film is used, the film facing the antenna part should be opened. If you want to use this installation method, we suggest using a dedicated glass antenna.

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The above is a part of the installation location, in addition to there are many places to install, the owner can install the antenna of a car tracking device according to different vehicle models and signal acceptance. About the signal strength of GPS, it can use SMS to check or use a car tracking device app to view online.

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