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Although the vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracker for car, there is a great guarantee, but the GPS tracker for car just reduces the chance of the car being stolen, and can’t completely let the car theft disappear. So, if our vehicles are really unfortunately stolen, how to find the stolen car back via GPS tracker for car?

gps tracker for car

Firstly, GPS tracker for car has Geo-fence function, after setting it, when vehicle exit in/out the preset area, you will get an alarm. Many GPS trackers for the car has a Geofence function that can be used to delineate the vehicle’s range of travel. Once the vehicle has moved away from the preset area, an alarm is triggered and the user can track the vehicle’s position as soon as it is received.

Secondly, GPS tracker for a car has real-time location function, which means you can check the vehicle’s location in real-time.

If your car installed GPS tracker for the car already, after the vehicle is stolen, the user can directly log in to the web-based tracking platform or mobile app to locate and track the location information of the vehicle in real-time.

If the vehicle is equipped with a wired GPS tracker for car, it is not a fear that the GPS tracker for car line is cut, unfortunately. Some wired GPS tracker for car, like the iStartek VT600 best GPS tracker for car, it has a small spare battery in the device. Even if the device line is cut, the backup battery in the device can replace the car power supply to supply power to the device, maintaining the device for around 7 hours, its enough for the owner to retrieve the vehicle.

best gps tracker for car

Thirdly, GPS tracker for car cheap has a remote power-off function.

If the vehicle is driven far away from us, the owner can not find the vehicle at the location of the vehicle temporarily. It can also use the remote power cut to disconnect the vehicle’s oil and electricity, so the vehicle can not start. Also please note that for traffic safety reasons, this function can only be used when the vehicle travels at a speed of 20km/h or less.

GPS tracker for car also has many other functions, if you want a GPS tracker for your car, contact iStartek Technology Co., Limited, we will be your strong back up in China, and we will offer you our best solution.

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