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Nowadays, cars have become part of our life. But there are always accidents, such as car theft and traffic accidents. Then how can we protect our cars, we recommend our car tracking GPS to you. I will list some reasons why we suggest our car GPS tracking device here.

car gps tracking device

Firstly, Show Location Directly on Mobile Phone:

We can send SMS “W******,100” to our device. Then you will receive an SMS with an HTTP link. Click on the link and the location will be shown directly on your mobile phone of google maps GPS car tracking system. 


For example:,114.082329

We can send “W******,000” to the device or make a telephone call directly to the tracker. After doing so, the device will report its longitude and latitude by SMS with the format as follows: Latitude = 22 32 36.63N Longitude = 114 04 57.37E, Speed = 40.5Km/h, 2011-12-24,01:50.

google maps gps car tracking system

Secondly, Listen-in (optional):

Our VT600 is car GPS tracking device with a microphone. We can send “W******,030,T” to device to set the authorized number. Authorize a phone number to make a silent call to the tracker. The tracker will answer the call automatically and allows the caller to listen to what is happening around the tracker. There is no sound when the tracker is working.


 1. T is phone number, Max. 16 digits;

 2. If an incoming call is not from the authorized phone number, it will be treated as a normal call and would not enter Listening-in status.

car gps tracking device with microphone

Thirdly, Speeding Alarm:

We can send this SMS “W******,005, XX” to the device to set the speeding alarm and turn on this function. When the tracker speeds higher than the preset value, it will send an SMS alarm to the authorized phone number for SOS.

Fourthly, Engine Cut (Stop Engine):

We have a relay with 12V and 24V, so we should connect the corresponding relay with our device. Then we can send SMS “W000000,020,1,1” to cut off the engine and SMS ”W000000,020,1,0” to restore the engine.

So our car tracking GPS VT600 is a multi-functional GPS and it has other practical functions. If you are interested in it, please contact us.

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