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The GPS location tracker has the functions of positioning, navigation, and anti-theft. It is no longer a secret in the automotive industry. Many people bought a car and added a vehicle location tracker then think that nothing was lost. The owner did not expect those who had done bad things to know these tricks well. They know more about the security system and the alarm of the vehicle than we do. In order not to let you track him, they will directly destroy the GPS locator’s line, let the vehicle location tracker not be deactivated, or use special means to shield the GPS signal. The GPS does not respond, and the owner can’t track it.

vehicle location tracker

Since the general method is useless to them, what should we do? Is there any way to prevent the GPS location tracker from being removed? Of course, let’s take a look at it from several angles:

(1). The tamper-proof GPS car positioner is used to increase the difficulty of dismantling when the equipment is vandalized.

(2). The car location tracker with backup power supply can be used for short-term positioning and alarm information when the external power supply is damaged.

car location tracker

(3). Installation is as concealed as possible. Install the location tracker in a place where is not easily found.

(4). After dismantling, you can use the track playback function to find the activity rules of vehicles.

(5). Two GPS car positioners can be installed when conditions permit, and the thief will take it lightly after removing one, and often will not look for another one.

(6). Wireless GPS locator, the GPS locator that needn’t install can be installed anywhere in the car, which not only improves concealment, but also does not destroy the original car line, but it needs the main antenna is not blocked, otherwise satellite signals cannot be received, then location information can’t be sent.

location tracker

Hope the above suggestions can provide some useful help for the car owners. The crisis is always difficult to predict, and it is the best choice to make adequate preparations and choose the right GPS location tracker product for you.


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